Genki Study Buddies - 「皆さんはGenkiを勉強しています」

@halfriver We have channels for specific lessons so 1 – 23 all have a channel. we have discussions on the grammar points as well as the study material for that lesson (text channel) if you get a speaking buddy then you can just switch to a privet conversation (and start a voice chat). There are a few people at the moment but if you have any questions we are always willing to try and answer it and help as much as possible.

@SpicyDragon It will be great to have you :slight_smile:

please just make sure to use your WK username send @alexbeldan or @Angelic a message in announcements and we will give you permissions for the channels

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It does!

I personally went for eninny’s modified version of it - with the WK styles and colouring, (and less animation). Looks great and works well on my phone. ^^
YES, the vocab is ordered by lessons. It’s all of Genki for both books I and II, but you can do a lesson at a time. I highly recommend it!

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I got it working, it’s really great! I have one question though; What happens when I press enter when I’m supposed to select how well I knew the last reviewed item? I have a bad habit of pressing enter again when I have seen if my answer is correct or not…

Thanks for sharing the deck!

Ummm… I don’t remember. It’s been a while since I’ve used it. Also, never click “Easy” - that knocks you out of the WaniKani timings.

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Yo! Just started Genki I (again for the millionth time) and this is very interesting! I’m relearning everything including my kana which I still struggle on. In addition to Genki (which my pace will be 1 chapter a week), what else should I use to practice? I have the workbook and will be using that awesome anki deck and I’m practicing reading by reading Yotsubato! in japanese. When I first started, I was looking for worksheets for practice but never really found what I was looking for.
Anyways, I’m all for it! Let’s stay motivated!

If you like, you can join our book club. We are going to start Yotsubato in a few days. :slight_smile:

Have you checked out the Ultimate Additional Japanese Resources List? It’s so enormous, it can be a bit difficult to sift through, though…

For additional listening practice to go along with the Genki lessons, I use Also, I don’t know if you’ve seen any of the free Japanese kids worksheets online (e.g.,, but I like them, I think they’re pretty fun and cute.

Also, we’d love to have you join the discord server (link in OP), we can do voice chat there.

btw, what’s the farthest you’ve gotten in Genki previously?


They already joined 2 hours ago. :sweat_smile:

There are also some worksheets made by other users in the API section of the forum. Use the search function! : D

Welcome aboard!

I personally also highly recommend Nihongonomori (on YouTube) to watch their instruction of grammar points. The N5-N4 playlist is a good place to start when you are tired of looking at your textbook, or just need a different way to understand the point. Finally, pushindawood has started up a new grammar SRS site: Bunpro! Search that as well.

Ganbatte! (work computer has no IME… *sigh*


Thanks! I did join that discord as well~!
Because I got demotivated in learning, I didn’t even make it that far. I touched lesson 3 before I quit but now I’m back in action from the beginning. (And you can just look at my level and tell I quitted before since this is not a new account.)
Thanks for those resourses! Will definitely check it out!

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I’m officially using Genki now. I won’t decide if I’m going to do one lesson a week or anything like that for now. I got the book through school, so I will just be following along my class for a couple of weeks. I started using one of the anki decks, and so far it’s great! I’m sure I’ll be using the worksheets later on too.
Thanks for putting together the list of resources!

You’re welcome!

Actually, you just reminded me that I haven’t added Bunpro to the list yet. I’ll do that now.

EDIT: Done! I switched the order around a bit - Grammar resources first (most of which are Genki-related), our community related stuff at the bottom ( @alexbeldan’s goal spreadsheet, and the discord server).

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I wish there was an easy way to keep that sheet updated…

Genki is great! I’m slowly progressing…
On the wanikani side I just hit level 6. That feeling when you progress a level and you have this wall of 100+ lessons to complete and there’s so much inertia to start :joy::joy:

oops! You can tell I haven’t been keeping up with what’s going on there!

I’m curious to see everyone’s study plan. For me, I plan on taking 1 lesson a week while studying basic japanese grammer and doing reading and listening comprehension using Yotsubato! and other resources as well as those worksheets you guys linked!. Will be getting JTMW soon as well. I want to see everyone’s plan for study too see if I need to tweek my plan because I don’t want to fall too far behind.

Did I miss something? What is JTMW?

Personally I don’t have much of a study plan for doing a certain number of lessons/week, I just study when I have available free time. I do try to study Genki vocab daily in Anki. Otherwise, when I have time, I’ve been working through all the workbook and textbook exercises (except pair work, until I can find somebody who wants to do them with me), and the mykikitori exercises. Also I’ve started posting the longer creative writing exercises from Genki on and getting corrections from native speakers there.

[progress update: I’m extremely close to being done with Lesson 6; hopefully I can do the last writing exercise this week.]

[Also hopefully I can resubscribe to WK as my birthday present in November because I’m so weak in kanji!]

JTMW-japanese the manga way.
And no, I was just curious to see how everyone is doing their studying haha :3

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I’m now reading Chapter 6, but haven’t done much of the exercises, nor the reading at the back of the book, or the workbook. I keep meaning to do so. And I need to dump all the vocab into Anki… I never remember the words for boring and lively and busy…

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Me too… if you set it so others could edit… At least we could update our own progress, maybe?