Genki Study Buddies - 「皆さんはGenkiを勉強しています」

You don’t need to do a vocab dump - there’s a great deck made by our wonderful @hinekidori linked in my OP!

In other news, it’s been nearly two weeks since I read the first grammar point in Chapter 11… And reading my post about it up there, I don’t remember what the ~たい verb form is or does… and can’t read my own “simple” sentence. >_<

… Go me! XD

I’ll have to re-read the Lesson from the beginning.

Anyone can edit now.

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Cool, thanks!

… Anyone with a link, I hope.

Should be. Let me know if it doesn’t work.

Cool, cool. I’ll update next time I’m not on my phone.

Hey, good call. It’s… wow, big. And… possibly excessively animated :wink: It is convenient though!

I should’ve been finishing lesson 8 today. I haven’t even started it yet. :persevere:

Not even sure if I’ll get to start it today. Also need to really dive into Yotsubato.

Ack. Maybe since the weather is getting cooler out, I won’t have to be so busy so I can stay in more often.

I use eninny’s WK styled one - less/no animations, otherwise same content and functionality.

It’s okay!
: )

Just get back to it when you do have time.

(She says to herself also…)

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eninny or wk mod? And I wonder if I can download it without losing all my cards. Unclear how that works… guess I can try.

Did you notice if the greeting prelude is missing? They didn’t seem to come up while learning Ch1.

But the greetings are so easy… And anyway, I remember seeing at least a few of them in the deck (but not all).

Still, which deck variant are you using? I suppose I can try them both.

Also, that thread is closed, unfortunately; does anyone know if there’s a way to change the styling such that my android keyboard will not come up auto-capitalizing? The WK Android Apps IME (and maybe the web page? Will need to double check) seems to do something that causes it to start in lowercase mode.

I said; the eninny WK one.

EDIT: Re: Keyboard stuff: Wait, huh? I downloaded Google Japanese Input… And I’ve had no such issue. Have you fiddled with your keyboard settings much? I’m a bit confused by what you’re saying… You do or don’t want capitalization? Do you not switch between keyboards?

EDIT 2: Since the sample images are blocked by photobucket, I can’t be 100% certain but I believe the confusion comes from the WK mod also having been tweaked by eninny. I’m pretty sure that’s the one I’m using.

Ah, the deck itself has a built in IME that works similar to WK, and then automagically translates into kanji if it’s correct (this kind of gives you a hint though…). It works really good on the desktop version of Anki. You don’t have to keep changing keyboards depending on the question, just like WK.

On Ankidroid, if you disable the special input box and let it use the HTML one, it works, except it isn’t setting whatever “hint” the keyboard needs not to start in upper case. WK does something so this works, but I don’t know what the magic is.

Hmm… I haven’t noticed that myself… But then again, I am not using the most current version of AnkiDroid. Haven’t updated it since I downloaded it. So that may’ve made the difference?

Could be keyboard specific. Looking at the deck options, I can’t even find where this magic script is. I wonder if @hinekidori can be summoned :slight_smile:

General question: On lesson three of Genki it starts using kanji. How can i practice and perpare myself for it when i get there?

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Just keep going; the kanji will reinforce each other.

By the time you get to WKL5 or so, you’ll have seen probably about half the Kanji it uses in the early lessons.


It mostly uses furigana with the kanji when you see it in the early chapters.

Also there are vocabulary lists at the beginning of each chapter. You can spend a few more days on that if you like, or use the Anki deck or Memrise course linked in my first post here, to help prepare.


Don’t forget to study the reading and writing section at the back of the text and workbook. This section of the book is meant to be worked on concurrently with the corresponding grammar and conversation lessons. It will explain the kanji readings that Genki assumes you know in each chapter.

EDIT: just did a quick flip-through and it looks like all furigana stays throughout the book. I guess one could get through the main 会話・文法編 without touching the 読み書き編 then (but it would still be good practice).

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