Genki Study Buddies - 「皆さんはGenkiを勉強しています」

Then you should join the discord group and talk at us in Japanese instead!

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I’m at Starbucks, you won’t hear me and I won’t hear you. (The mic and speaker on this tablet are awful.)

… Plus I didn’t want to join yet another thing that I’ll forget the password for… ^^;

But best of luck!


Done reviewing Lesson 9. Good to note that with から clauses, if the informal/short form is used at the very end of the sentence, the verb before から must also be informal/short.

Going to take a break and finally sign up for and try pushindawood’s Bunpro site. Will add the link to that in the OP, probably soon, too.

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Onward, to Lesson 11 and new content!

Edit: I guessed correctly about the new verb form, ~たい being covered. At first, it looks very simple to use… Then as you go into the second page of explanations and how you can use it in conjunction with other people, it starts to become more complex. I feel like this is a point (especially the later uses of it on page 241) that I will need lots of practice with.

晩ごはんを食べたいです。<— easiest use.


Did lesson two with @Nimbifera was great learned so much will be doing lesson 3 this week

Side note: (just my own experience) doing group lessons is amazing, it really helps you to recall and at first I was so nerves I sucked so bad, but it was awesome, can’t wait for the next one really motivated to keep going and try harder to get my Genki on !!!

I’m not on Lesson 9 yet but so far I have learnt that the verb before から must always be informal. The verb that you have at the very end of your sentence then determines the level of politeness.
(Correct me if I’m wrong)

I’m late to the party. Using what? Is the rebooted Genki study started?

I believe he’s referring to the Discord group they set up. And yes, it has already started.

Nooo…I won’t be able to catch up then :frowning:

Already started just means that the group server is set up. There’s space for discussion of any Genki chapter, so the more people join, the better!

Well, I’m not sure if they are all studying the same parts though. I think it’s maybe just for general discussion?

I think @Angelic set it up, if I’m not mistaken? I’m sure you will still benefit from joining if you’re interested.

However, @AnimeCanuck and I are both just using the forum for questions/discussions so you can always “partner up” with us on that, if you like.

ETA : I’m currently on Lesson 7 but I’d be more than happy to discuss previous chapters with you. I’m all for more review time!

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I’m planning to start over at Chapter 1 this weekend… I think I can get one chapter done per week, maybe, depending on how work/health goes. (ETA: I really need to plan dedicated study time)

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The link is in the main post. I’m not starting until October, due to life. But I’ll be doing 2 chapters a week. So come on over. :blush:

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Seems like we’ll be using Genki in school, so hello!

I have barely started yet, but I’m excited to use it! I added the first vocab to my own anki deck, but I feel like it’s a bad idea to make that a habit since there seems to exist decks for it already. I looked at Hinekidori’s genki decks, but I’m not sure which one I should get… I like the input field stuff, but does that work well on ankidroid? Also, is the vocab ordered by lessons? I don’t want to study lesson 6 vocab if we’re doing lesson 3 in school… So, which of the three decks should I get?

I’ll post here once I’ve really started using the book!

So I’m not too late to the party :slight_smile: thanks for having me along

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When you get to that lesson, you will see that the verb’s level of politeness can change before kara (I’m at work, no IME). It can be informal while the other phrase is formal, or both can be formal… but if the other phrase is informal, the verb before kara must be informal. (That’s my understanding from the chapter.)

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Glad to have you!

When you join I’ll grant permissions. :wink:

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Do it! Plan your time!

I need to get back into that myself. I mostly only reviewed yesterday, only studying the first new grammar point of Lesson 11. So I have to finish Lesson 11 later this week. (Thursday???)

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It’s just so hard to get back into things even when planning things, my health issues often get in the way when I try to do things that aren’t absolutely necessary to my survival.

What kind of conversations/how much focused studying goes on in the Discord, if I might ask?

I’ve been wanting to join a small Discord server for studying Japanese for a while, but I haven’t found one that I like yet. A lot of them get suuuuper off-topic and not much Japanese vocab/grammar/practice gets discussed if at all eventually. I also think that Discord is a good medium for studying languages due to the ability to voice chat, but I find that to be extremely underutilized as well.