Funny JP Slang Alternate Phrases / Pun Phrases

Hey everyone :durtle_hello:

Let’s share some funny / punny phrases in this thread!

I’ve just learned a Japanese phrase that blew me away in its pure “dad-jocularity”:

“There are ten ants.”



It’s a jokey way of saying ()(がと)う.


[As most of you should know, 10((じゅう))can also be read as とお. My guess is that, because that sounds the same as (or close to) とう, that’s why it’s being replaced by the number 10 in the joke phrase.]

So, if you know of any similar examples, please do share!

Oh, btw, I found an already existing pun thread that mentions my example, but I hope it is enough of a difference to my thread, as I’m asking for phrases specifically, rather than one word puns and such. :durtle_yellow_rodent:


The lyrics to 丸の内サディスティック by Ringo Shiina has lots of puns on the line:


but they’re all a bit adult.

青 = blue
噛む = to bite
熟れる = to mellow
頂戴 = please do for me

青噛んで sounds like 青姦で (sleeping outside) and 熟れる is sung as いって where you’d expected it to be 行って.


Very creative, I love it. Also, I’m really enjoying that song, so thank you for sharing!

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