Fundamental SRS flaw

If you don’t want reviews popping up between 10 pm and 5 am, you could take a look at the SRS intervals and keep them in mind for when you do your first lessons and the first reviews?

lesson --> Apprentice 1
Apprentice 1 --> Apprentice 2 = 4 hours
Apprentice 2 --> Apprentice 3 = 8 hours
Apprentice 3 --> Apprentice 4 = 23 hours
Apprentice 4 --> Guru 1 = 1 day 23 hours

So for example:
6 am: lesson --> apprentice 1
10 am: review: apprentice 1 --> apprentice 2
6 pm: review: apprentice 2 --> apprentice 3
next day 5 pm: apprentice 3 --> apprentice 4
two days later 4 pm: apprentice 4 --> guru 1

if you don’t get a lot of reviews wrong, most of your reviews afterwards will fall around this time. The reason you are getting a lot of reviews after midnight is probably because you are doing your apprentice 2–> 3 review after about 4 pm.

There might be a script also that limits the number of reviews you get? I’m not sure though.


SRS is just a tool. The way you use it will determine your success. Or failure.


Am I the only one doing reviews straightforward? I don’t write down my mistakes nor I don’t study them. Just I let SRS shoot them in my face. I learn it by in average of 4th try. Sometimes for worst cases I may fail 8-9 times. But after that process, I just know the answer. When I level up, I do all lessons. Next review session can go as low as 40% success rate. But in 3 days it regains its strength and I reach to 75% percentage. When I am about to level, my success rate is over 90%. Then whole process restarts. My average level up time is 10days. I do 150 reviews in 30 minutes. Also I don’t use mnemonics most of the time. Because trying to remember mnemonic, making association stuff slows me a lot.

Conclusion: SRS is perfect tool for me.


I’m the same as you, even though I am many levels behind you. But I also learn by doing my reviews. If I get it wrong - well I will see it so often, at one point I - WILL - know it. Also I do leeches regularly. I do not write down my mistakes or study kanji outside of reviews. I do study with another vocabulary program and the words often appear that I have already learnt here. Also I am studying at KaniWani. And Bunpro for grammar. If I would spend all the time writing down the stuff I do wrong… buh, there would be no end for me. So I simply trust my brain to get it right somewhen. Until now it always worked.

I also take longer to level up… I think 9-10 days is my timing. And I am totally fine with it. I level up when I know the kanji, not sooner or later. If it takes me 12 or 15 days in the future… so be it. I am mostly here learning and studying because it’s fun for me.


It’d be a bigger problem if it paused whenever you went to sleep or your reviews reached 30. That would defeat the whole purpose of a SRS system. When you get a review, that means that is ideally the time when you should be reviewing it. Of course, delaying for a few hours isn’t a big deal, but delaying a day or two is. It essentially defeats the purpose of using an SRS system in the first place.


You might not have time to finish them all in the morning? I can see someone preferring to be able to finish the whole queue.

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Think what’s demoralising is going to sleep at the top of a mountain and waking up back at the bottom.

But yeah, the trick is remembering that you climb the mountain one step at a time - you don’t leap from the bottom to the top in one single super bound.


This captures it very well.

Currently sitting at 0 reviews, 67 Apprentice items, and 105 Lessons. Progress!

I’d still like replacement for the vacation feature that lets a user set a configurable threshold, that once hit, stops the timer. It could be off by default, but once turned on stops the SRS timer at whatever number of reviews a user specifies.

When I finally finished level 3. I ended up with a start of 72 lessons. Still havent done them all.
I dont do lessons unless I know the review content of the stuff before it.

Or if I get tired of waiting… I’ll just do lessons so I get more reviews.


I dunno, finishing your reviews doesn’t seem like getting to the top of the mountain to me. I think it’s more like finishing your work for the day, going home, going to bed, then waking up the next morning realizing you have to go back to work. Like yeah obviously, you knew they were gonna expect you to keep coming back each morning when you took the job. Except we get paid in sweet, sweet kanji.


Hello, I just noticed your username and I believe we are supposed to be best friends.


Now this is the kind of content I started coming to the forums for.


I’ll second what someone else already alluded to: I think you’re doing your reviews wrong. At least for this type of system, anyway.

You’re not supposed to take an hour to go through 60 reviews. You’re supposed to try to get it right, spend a few seconds on each word and then move on. If you got it wrong and couldn’t for the life of you remember it, then having it go down a few levels is good for you. If you were just on the verge of getting it, you can use the Ignore script and keep it up there until you feel like you need it back down, if you ever do.

Newer lessons will take a while until they sink in. You’re not supposed to have them learned by heart by Apprentice 2, so don’t push yourself that hard or you’ll never progress, will probably burn out and be discouraged enough to quit, sooner or later.


Keep your apprentice items at 100 or below. Waking up to 60 is normal, and when burns come in, it will be increased significantly. Just trudge through it knowing you knew more today than you did a week ago! Dude, you can speak Japanese! That is epicly awesome.

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I wake up many days with 140 review of so… well… it’s what it is!

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personally far prefer lots of reviews in the morning than in the eveninig
i do better when im fresh from waking up
in the evening i tend to ignore them , but i try to do reviews morning/afternoon/evening and it works out okay
occasionally i’ll have to sit down to make time to clear out a big pile but otherwise its not so bad


I see what you’re saying about being frustrated about reviews piling up while you sleep.

I’m not sure if people do it like this or not, but I try to do every review as quickly as possible. If you can’t touch type, try to learn. What I find is that as words come up, they have barely flashed on the screen and I’m on to the next review. Obviously if I make a typo (Ignore button) or if I get a question wrong everything grinds to a halt (which is fine). My understanding of the SRS is that you don’t need to specifically study the wrong answers. Realistically, I can barrel through 60 reviews in no time. I don’t say that to sound conceited, but at the higher levels you’ll be looking at 150-250 reviews a day regardless, unless you slow down considerably (which is also fine!). I would recommend looking into strategies to speed up the actual answering if 60 reviews is causing despair.


I just wake up in the mornings hoping I have <200 reviews. (I usually have more)

I actually learned that the hard way, when I was in Painful levels, I kept doing more lessons while at the same time trying to keep the review pile down down to 0. The number of Apprentice items I had during that time was always at around 200 and I always had to do more than 200 reviews per day and my accuracy was also dropping. It became too overwhelming and ineffective that by the time I reached Death I decided to stop doing new lessons all together and spent 2 months chunking down the review pile.
Now I have made a rule for myself that never let the number of Apprentice items rises above 150. If it rises above 150, stop doing lessons and clear them first.
My accuracy is still shit though, usually around 70-90%, and I don’t know whether I’m getting burn out of it’s just the aftermath of the Painful levels and it will rise up again in due time.


That’s an interesting insight! I have done the levels as fast possible so far, but I’m feeling a steady pressure of mounting reviews with similar accuracy to yours. I worry that once I hit my first road block and don’t get around to doing reviews for a few days, I will find myself in exactly the position I was describing above.

Right now my goal is to power through until level 20 and then take the foot of the gas a bit and work on all these leeches.