Frustrated with new user checklist,

Hello! Nice to meet everyone. I am frustrated with the new user checklist. I do not want to do some of the things it requires me to do. This includes posting on this forum.



Glad you posted, otherwise we would have had to ban you from all future WK activities.:woman_shrugging: We on the forums are all knowing.
Welcome aboard the Kanji train!
P.S.- The checklist isn’t synced with the forums anymore so it will only go away after you get to level 2.


Is it actually nice to meet us then? :thinking:

Well regardless, welcome to WaniKani.


I love how people say “anymore” even when they never used the old forums. :joy:

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But I did use the old forums. And yet, I totally forgot that it doesn’t sync as it used to

Ah, yes. Welcome @Cravetoo! Hopefully our charming conversation will convince you to stay around in the forums? Forums are fun, and we don’t bite. Except for that one time… but we don’t talk about that


I know what you mean…

Yes, the thing with the werewolf and Lady Gaga with the meat dress. But I won’t say more, WE DON’T TALK ABOUT THAT, GEE

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