Hello... checklist be gone

hello… trying to get to rid of that checklist lol.

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If I remember correctly you could also simply post in any of the already created topics here.

Anyways, welcome to WaniKani! :slight_smile:


Yea, I’m trying to do the same. Wonder if this counts.

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Same as OP. Posted in another thread before but checklist ain’t checked

As I recall it never got checked for me either, but it goes away once you reach level 4 or so!

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Yeah, since WK’s forum moved to Discourse (the current version), it lost sync with the checklist.
The checklist will naturally disappear once you reach level 2 (or so I thought, but maybe it was level 4?).


Thanks for the explanation guys!
It annoys me more than it should when things don’t do what they are supposed to, I always keep thinking I’m doing something wrong.
Have a nice evening!

The checklist is gone once you reach level 2 already (regardless if everything is checked or not).
I didn’t get everything checked before reaching level 2 (and I don’t think this is still possible).

Yeah it’s probably level 2. I’ve slept since then and couldn’t remember.

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