"From Everywhere": Podcast recommendation for listening practice

I’m a big fan of Sakamoto Maaya, who used to have a Radio Show that was uploaded as a podcast to iTunes. I downloaded a bunch of these podcasts a while ago, but didn’t start listening to them until recently, and I thought this might be of good help for those looking for listening resources.

The podcast is titled “From Everywhere” and it basically consists on Sakamoto Maaya reading fanmail and giving some comment on it. What’s great about these podcasts is that they deal with simple, daily life topics and, since this is a radio show the host speaks clearly and on a moderate speed.

For me, this also works as an indicator of my progress. As I keep going forward on my japanese studies I’m able to understand more and more of the contents and it feels very nice. Hope you can find it useful too!


Ooh, I’m a big fan of her, too! Thanks for the recommendation.

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