Fresh into level 3 & having a pressing question

Hello fellow users !! hope everyone is doing well .
Just like the title says I just reached Level3 yeeeey (it’s been really FUN )and haven’t subscribed to WK yet , I might complete L3 on mid-september or end of sep.
Now , because September Is gonna be a pretty busy month for me , even the month after and
I’m considering a yearly subscription starting after October ; I was wondering if WK is still gonna be accessible through Sep. and October for reviews of the levels I had ? or Is it not gonna be accessible at all once level3 is completed?


All of the content for the first 3 levels is free. The only thing locked behind the subscription is level 4 content and beyond. You can stay unsubscribed and continue to review level 1-3 content until it’s burned if you wanted to.


I’m happy to hear that :smile:
Thanks a lot !!!

The “hello fellow users” gives me a



Tell us, who do you really work for? Are the Chinese learners trying to steal our top secret learning methods again? Or are you a secret agent of the Crabigator, checking to see if we are all faithful enough?


Just an FYI, WaniKani typically has a sale in December. Lifetime for $200 instead of $300. So, if you wanted to wait a couple more months, you could essentially get a lifetime for the price of two years.


From what I’ve heard, if you get a year, you will get a discount based on the price of the year. But sometime better double check.

Meanwhile I bought my lifetime in March for full price :sob:

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True, they do prorate when you buy lifetime. I had bought a year, then bought lifetime on sale, and I did get another bunch off on my lifetime.

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@ApplePine I’d advise subscribing yearly (because the Christmas promo is never for granted). If indeed the Christmas promo comes, the time left in the subscription prorates and the lifetime price with the discount gets even cheaper.


What is this a religion now ? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Awww maaan I do enjoy skateboarding , tough to ease suspicions now :sweat_smile:

@jprspereira @DaisukeJigen Thank you both so much for the answer
I am leaning more towards ‘‘yearly’’ first just to know if I can handle the pace, and if a promo comes my way towards the end of it I’ll give it a thought . Tho honestly I’d feel guilty if I go ‘’ lifetime’’ and I can’t handle it


Well, the good thing with lifetime is that you can take it as slow as you need, with no pressure.
Plus, the discounted lifetime is just the price of two years, and if you are going anything slower than max speed, you’ll definitely need more than one year anyway :woman_shrugging:
Even if you end up overwhelmed and shelving WK for a time, the lifetime means you can just come back any time.
(I’m not affiliated in anyway with Tofugu or Wanikani, even though I’m sounding like a salesperson) :eyes:


Did you not know you were getting into a cult? At the end of every review session we give thanks to the chimera that made it all possible.

In case you don’t know, wani is Japanese for alligator and kani Japanese for crab. There are many jokes about this like this being a cult of the Crabigator.


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