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Are the free levels available indefinitely or only for two months? I haven’t worked through levels 1-3 yet – I’ve been focused on the Duolingo course – and now I can’t figure out how to start a new lesson on WaniKani.



Yes, the free levels are available indefinitely. You can continue to review that content forever without a subscription.

Have you gotten any of your original 26 items to guru status?

If that makes no sense to you, have you read the FAQ or the Guide?

When certain items (radicals and kanji) reach guru status, they unlock new lessons.

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There’s your first ‘like’! I’m doing Duolingo as well as WaniKani, so hi there fellow Green Owl/Crabigator person! Keep going on both, but as you get further along be aware that skipping a day on Duolingo will just break your streak, while skipping a day on WaniKani without using vacation mode will cause your reviews to pile up.


Missing day on duolingo: like missing breakfast because you woke up late.
Missing day on WaniKani at a high-ish level: being woken up by a psychopath with a hammer.


This comment actually made me cry a little… :laughing:

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It’s a shame you can’t do your accumulated reviews while vacation mode is on, to get them down to nil before starting them back up again.

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I’ve always felt that way too.

Couldn’t you achieve that by just turning vacation mode off every time right before you start reviews and then on again when you stop?

Edit: I said that backwards the first time

You can’t do lessons or reviews when vacation mode is active.

Vacation mode stops reviews from accumulating, but to do the reviews you have to turn it off and then you cannot turn it back on again for 24 hours, so there’s no way to squash a huge backlog before letting them resume piling up.

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