Found interesting YT series of minecraft lets play with Touhou characters

Do you like modded minecraft?
Do you like Touhou?
Do you like computer synthesized speech?
Have you ever wanted to see small Reimu living simple life in minecraft village?
Do you want to sentence mine something more interesting than boring news?

Then I have a series just for you: 食物連鎖の頂点に立ちたい【ゆっくり実況】 (I want to be on the top of the food chain)

The premise is simple: Reimu is scaled down to 1/4 of the original size and the goal of the series is to complete all achievements.
Reimu narrates along the way and talks with Marisa(she is not playable character, she is just for chatting). Occasionally villagers have spoken lines too.

Main mod in the series is Animania, which revamps animals mechanics. E.g. there are males and females now, animals behave in more realistic manner(e.g. roosters crow in the morning).

There are subtitles. The Japanese is relatively simple. It’s not textbook Japanese by any means, but ~ましょ instead of ~ましょう is not undecipherable. Each episode is around 10 minutes long and speech is very fast compared to materials from learning resources. However since it’s ゆっくり実況, the speech is synthesized, so it’s consistent.


Too fast… :sweat_smile:

No, I hate the robot voice… Does anyone like it?

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