Japanese Cooking Shows (List ~ I need your help!)

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I’m beginning my immersion adventure and I thought cooking shows could be a nice way to start, since I love most Japanese dishes I’ve tried so far and I find cooking videos very soothing.
Little did I know, youtube cooking channels LOVE to use subtitles instead of speaking or doing a voice-over!

So, with your help, I’d like to compile a list of japanese cooking shows, channels, documentaries, etc. to make it easier for other people to find.

If you’d like to add a cooking resource that could be interesting but doesn’t fit the above criteria (i.e. uses only subtitles during the preparation), please add it to the “Honorable Mentions” section.

Thank you for reading!

Youtube Channels

Documentary Style

Honorable Mentions


I haven’t any cooking shows to recommend, but if you tag one of the admins, they would be able to create a wiki for you that everyone can edit themselves so that the links are all in one post.


Edit: sorry I forgot that Dog speaks English. Chef speaks Japanese, but Dog does most of the talking. Still, it could be good reading practice if you turn on the Japanese subtitles, and good cultural exposure :relaxed:


This guy doesn’t talk but the ingredients are usually written onscreen (Japanese and English), and the videos are fascinating:

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This guy cooks some unusual stuff but he shows you how to prepare all kinds of sea food.


I hope this is the way to do it:

@admins could you make this into a wiki, please?

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What a great idea to start a channel like that in your target language! :slight_smile:
Thanks for sharing!

Chef Ropia ! his speciality is italian cuisine. Some of his videos he goes quite into detail of how to make simple but classic italian dishes.

岡奈ななこの日常 short movie It’s not quite a classic cooking channel, but she does make lots of simple home-style cooking, and also talks while doing it, so maybe at least an honorable mention?

There is also this channel that is specialized in chinese cooking, but unfortunately I’ve never seen they add any kind of narration on their videos. Mostly visuals and sometimes subtitles to explain stuff.

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If you want something more chill with ASMR vibes, check out this channel:

She doesn’t talk at all so it’s not great for listening practice, but she has Japanese subtitles which I’ve found to be great reading practice.

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Thank you both!

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While not being from a Japanese youtuber, Eater’s OMAKASE-series about sushi masters is well worth a watch. I know it’s not all in Japanese, but some of the chefs just speak Japanese. There’s also subtitles, but they are discreet. Anyways, it’s a great series, so I felt compelled to share it! ^>^

I absolutely adore はるあん - as you said, a lot of the channels use subtitles and she’s one of the few I’ve found who actually speaks. She is VERY enthusiastic about everything.


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