Formatting of Reading Explanations Carriage Return

Every vocab pronunciation guide that is kun’yomi has this block of text explaining that it’s a kun’yomi that we didn’t learn. Could you put a couple carriage returns after the colon so my eyes don’t have to scan for the end of the boiler plate and the start of the information I care about? My eyes are lazy and this would be super helpful. Please a couple CRs between the boiler plate and the explanation. Thanks!

Since this word consists of a kanji with hiragana attached, you can bet that it will use the kun’yomi reading. You didn’t learn that reading with this kanji, so here’s a mnemonic to help you:

Oh my god. How could you. That lady. She bowed (しぼ) down and you just grabbed her neck to strangle her? What were you thinking? THAT WAS A BOW, NOT AN INVITE TO STRANGLE HER WTH.


I’d appreciate this too!

I agree, this would be good!

Yes, this would be nice.


‘Carriage return’? ‘Boiler plate’? 何?

I agree, but with line feeds instead of carriage returns :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe just use a couple <br> tags :nerd_face:

I think all of the old explanations didn’t have a line break here, but I always add them in when I see them. If you (or anyone) has a list or just spots these, email me the item name at and I’ll fix them!


Is there any efficient way for you guys search for them proactively? I obviously don’t know how the data is stored or how you update it, but in some cases you could search by regular expression.

Unfortunately, this is just us pressing enter in an explanation vs not, and would probably not be searchable without pulling in way more than those affected.

Plus, I wouldn’t consider this “worth bothering the devs for” if it’s just something we can slowly correct as we find them (and isn’t breaking anything or urgent).

It could be searchable (depending on the situation) since regular expressions let you look for text and then not some character(s) afterward. But anyway, I understand. As you said, it’s not really that important.

It’s a good chance to practice regex for your devs. Always refactor :wink:

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