MIT Open Courseware Japanese?

Hello, quite new to learning Japanese here (just reached level 3 on WaniKani). Has anyone tried the MIT Open Courseware Japanese courses? Are they a good resource for someone who is planning to self-study Japanese?

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I’m not sure I can find any MIT OCW videos for the Japanese courses (found course material on the website only), could you possibly provide a link?

It’s just the course material–exercises to go through with a time frame plus some tests. Unfortunately this isn’t a course that has video resources.

Here is the link to the first course: Japanese I | Global Languages | MIT OpenCourseWare

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Kyoto University has a free online Japanese course as well


Thank you so much, i’ll check this out!

As someone who took Japanese classes at MIT, I’d say the OCW is not worth anyone’s time. I didn’t think the MIT classes were particularly good in person. Not a lot of focus on interactive learning, and our textbook was in romaji.

We did get a lot of writing practice, so that’s good. But after 2 years I wasn’t able to hold a conversation. I had no confidence. I could’ve gotten more out of self study.

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