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Start date: April 5, 2024


We will be reading at our own pace and posting in this thread whenever we want to talk about something related to this VN. We will finish by June 28, 2024 and start the final game then.

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Perfect timing, I’m ready to start today :grin:

First impressions, just started Chapter 1

Well I had no idea what to expect, who would be the MC this time, and I’m really surprised! I thought that it would go back to Suoh.
Looks like it’s going to be about Yuzuriha and Nerine, cool to see them having a bigger role.
But also the prologue starts with seeing the thoughts of one of the Sasaki’s sister! So I’m excited to see what will happen with them too :smiley:

Prologue/First impressions

I think this is the shortest prologue so far. The character count barely hit 2k. With that said, I think it was still very good and sets up a lot of nice things.

The vibes in this one already feel a lot different compared to Ete. I really like the use of acoustic guitar in the soundtrack here and the small scenes with no music/just sfx. The aquarium CG with the Sasaki is beautiful.

I enjoyed the inner monologue in the beginning as well with them being twins and always being compared to each other.

The music in this one is so good. Rainbow Magic (the song played in the beginning with Neri/Yuzu) is one of my all-time favorites in the series. This one has my favorite version of the chapter monologue song too.

The random English in the opening video was funny too :stuck_out_tongue:


Definitely, it’s funny how it’s the little things, like the purple color around the text.

Chapter 1 thoughts

This one starts off really good from the start. I think this is where having the different protagonists shines the most since in the previous two games Yuzu has almost always come off as the confident jokester senpai but in this you can tell Yuzu has a lot of insecurities she keeps to herself. I think its more impactful seeing this contrast from how the other protagonist’s view her and now reading through Yuzu’s point of view. We also get to see how she even uses different pronouns when thinking (私) vs talking to others (僕). Its a detail that unfortunately gets lost in the translation but its a nice touch to her character.

Neri feeding Yuzu was really adorable.

I also like the twins involvement so far since we get to see them in a bit of a different light as well. The scene by the little fire they made while trying to cheer up Yuzu was really cute. There’s a lot of good CGs right from the start in this.

Its nice how they always manage to sneak some “scary” story telling in. It lets them add in some characterization too like Yuzu actually not being fond of them at all in contrast to Neri’s love of them. Also the song that plays during that scene is way too good for a game that isn’t actually horror.

The first chapter does a good job recapping some events while not spending too much time on them either. In some series the sequels tend to spend a lot of time recapping stuff that it gets boring but I think Flowers does it right by keeping it brief while mentioning the important stuff in case someone forgot it in between the games. The recap with Suoh at the end of the chapter was a good way to build hype. Excited to see Suoh respond to the challenge of taking over the Council of Nicaea.



Thoughts on Chapter 1

Funny that it’s about Yuzuhira and Nerine, because I just love Yuzuhira’s voice while I don’t like Nerine’s at all :X at least it’s Yuzuhira narrating so I get to hear her voice a lot!
As usual, a lot of references to the western media. Star Trek, Led Zeppeling, and so on.

Oops, mistake here in the name, she is talking to Yuzuhira not to Erika. Is it correct in the Japanese version? The voice at least is correct.

Otherwise I liked the Chapter. Funny with the Halloween vibes, spooky music and ghost story. Nice that this season again has a big event they are preparing. And liked that the mystery with Yuzuhira-Mariko-Suoh is mentionned again, though unfortunately no new information.

Wow cool!

Ch1 reply

You’re in luck if you love her voice, she’s voiced in almost every yuri visual novel in the past 20 years. She’s done a lot of non-yuri VNs too but its always funny to me when I start a yuri VN and she’s in there somewhere. Mizusawa Kei | vndb

I didn’t like Neri’s voice too when I first heard it but it grew on me over time. They both voiced in an older Innocent Grey VN together, it was kind of funny to hear them in the same game but completely different roles. Speaking of the voice actors, I always thought it was kind of weird how the entire cast has had very successful careers besides Rikka’s VA. I might not like her character too much but her voice actor is really good, kind of feels bad for her.

Yeah its correct in the jp version. There’s a couple of small things like that in the English version (even the names changed from Daliah in Printemps to Dalia in the other games). I did QC for the last game and tried to catch everything but if you run into any typos when we play Hiver, forgive me :stuck_out_tongue:


Well no wonder she sounds so “mature”, she must be quite older than 17 :stuck_out_tongue:

Prologue & Chapter 1

I feel that Flowers 1 and Flowers 2 share at a basic level the same premise - a girl-meets-girl story of an encounter that eventually blossoms into love.

It’s nice to see that the author is not shy to break out of the mold and go this time for a completely different sort of situation. The prologue in Flowers 1 and 2 were about this first encounter - flowers 3 instead goes for a much more subtle and mysterious prologue. It’s also very interesting that the main character of the prologue is not the main character of the game itself.

I can’t remember at this point if the fact that the Sasaki sister at the end of the prologue’s CG doesn’t have any moles was ever explained in game, or just a trick to keep the air of mystery.

AzusaChan already mentioned this, but I really like how the first chapter is mainly centered on showing how different Yuzuriha is from her external behavior. While Erika did have traces of this dichotomy too (I mean, every person does, to some degree), it’s very interesting to see how sharp it is in Yuzuriha’s case.

The internal mindset of Yuzuriha, full of insecurities, gives this chapter quite a heavy melancholic tone.

I enjoy many aspects of how Yuzuriha conceptualizes autumn in particular, which seems to fit her melancholic mood. The dry leaves, the end of summer, the clear but distant blue sky.

All neko references are welcome!!
These scenes that show the state of Nerine and Yuzuriha’s relationship are very nuanced, I feel. Nerine, cheerful and innocent, feels like a sun to Yuzuriha - she loves nothing more, but is always too scared to get close and burn herself.

Now I feel really old from the fact that not only I know about that show, I used to watch it when I was a tiny kitten…

I like how the development team worked on giving each game different uniforms despite being the same school. I have to agree with Yuzuriha that this is probably my favorite uniform too.

As a huge flowers 2 fan, I love this “after story” scenes with Erika and Chidori. It feels like an afterglow - scenes that feed me more of the happiness I felt at the end of flowers 2.

It was at this instant that I knew who was going to be Nerine’s new best friend… :stuck_out_tongue:

As expected, Nerine is the only one that can (well… mostly) see through Yuzuriha’s layers of lies, though she mostly knows something is wrong but doesn’t know what exactly. It also shows how used Yuzuriha is to this, as she immediately pulls yet another lie, which Nerine still sees through.

Unlike our line up of main characters, Suoh, Erika and Yuzuriha, Nerine doesn’t seem like she would be the type that knows a lot of cultural references, but I love how she immediately reacts to the word “Dracula” with the name of the person that the legend is based on. As expected of our expert in scary stories.

Okay, I know the author likes fancy kanji. But are you serious? “Aah” written in Kanji!?!?!? This is on another level :sweat_smile:

On a more serious note, this rejection scene I feel helps a lot to show how deep are Yuzuriha’s fears, to the point that she’d even lie about not being interested in anyone. She could have easily said she was interested in someone, without saying who. But she’s just too scared of Nerine finding out, one way or another.

I love how this chapter basically destroys the image we might have had of a strong, determined, smart and flirty Yuzuriha. Just like in Flowers 2 Erika was not a mischievous version of Suoh, Yuzuriha is not handsome-and-flirty version of Suoh either. It’s impressive how much depth her character has gained and the game is just starting.

Chapter 2 thoughts

I think Printemps chapters were all around the same length but Ete & this it seems like each chapter varies a lot in length. Not that its a bad thing but just noticed some of these chapters take like twice as long to read :stuck_out_tongue:

There was a lot of good stuff in this chapter though. I enjoyed Yuzu working on her birthday present for Neri. Its fun to see some of the same topics brought up in all of the games (like these birthday parties) but they all play out a lot different in each one.
Chidori’s expression in the background while Erika is teaching Yuzu is adorable.

Although one scene I didn’t really like is when Yuzu and Rikka were talking earlier in the chapter about the presents and Yuzu assumed Rikka wanted to do something for Suoh so Yuzu basically told Rikka to give herself to Suoh to make her happy. It seems like a common theme throughout the series where all the other characters try to ship Suoh with Rikka and its always very weird. They might not know about the blackmail from earlier on but they should know about Mayuri. At the very least its weird to try and force a rebound onto Suoh.

Speaking of Suoh, it was nice to see her flustered face again

The mystery in this one is nice. I feel like the mysteries have improved a lot compared to the first game. A lot of these mysteries tend to have a buildup of something almost supernatural but they always end up grounded in reality. I wonder if anyone was able to recognize Tsuwabuki from the Ete CG when she first transferred in.

The Halloween party was cute, especially seeing everyone’s outfits. Chidori was especially adorable with all of her うがー. I am not sure if I would have called Rikka’s outfit 可愛い though.

The end of this chapter was nice. Its cool to see how the series often shows later parts of the story in the very beginning and then we get to experience it later with full context. Especially in this scenario since we got to see the confession from both points of view now.


I was starting to think that this must be quite a long chapter since you haven’t posted yet :stuck_out_tongue:
I think I’m nearing the end of it too.


Yeah this chapter ended up being a lot longer compared to the first one :stuck_out_tongue:

Chapter 2 Thoughts

I like when VNs teach us about stuff. With Flowers so far, we learned about making tea / coffee, playing the violin, ballerina training, learning the violin, baking, and now knitting :slight_smile:
Also interesting how so far we have met everybody EXCEPT Suoh (only in the flashback from Chapter 1).

Ah, there she is!

Wow, I did find it uncool too that they didn’t tell her about the surprise party for her best friend.

Yummy, I would like that cake :slight_smile:

Tough mystery, I don’t think I would have figured it out without the guide! Nice that other characters that don’t actually appear on screen also have a bit of a lore going on.

Nice costume!

Haha nice, exactly what I thought when they were first shown! Especially since they are twins!

Makes sense, that it was Ringo. Well I guess that explains the prologue, curious to see what the rest will be about (though I have a pretty good idea thanks to the cinematic at the end of the Prologue. Maybe I’ll close my eyes for Flower hiver, it’s like watching a trailer for a movie before the movie, I personally hate that, it’s so spoilery, shows you already all the good stuff)

Agreed that this one was definitely longer, and that a lot of things happened!


Yeah its always annoying when the opening videos spoils important parts of the story. Hiver is actually the safest one to watch though cause the opening video is completely unique, nothing from the game is shown there so you’ll be safe for that one!


Ah good to know, thanks!!

Thoughts on Chapter 3

I think it’s a funny cultural difference, I’ve seen many times in manga and VN that people go visit their friends when they are sick. I never went to visit any of my friend in all my life when they were sick neither the other way around, neither do I know someone who ever did it. Sick people that I know don’t want visit and healthy people would rather stay away :x

Hey so they did try to convey that in the translation :smiley: here they translate 私 to girl (and I definitely noticed now, that otherwise she uses 僕)

I really liked the music in that scene, especially the part with the flute’s solo (I play the flute myself)

But maybe they all need to learn to stay away from the forest and not spray their ankles already x)

Ooh this one is tough. Had the same story when I was a kid, can relate.

Well that was a short chapter I feel like! And no mystery.

Chapter 3 thoughts

I was happy to see some more Suoh in this chapter. More Suoh is always a good thing. The talk about nicknames was cute, Yuzuyuzu is a great name.

Its nice to see Yuzu spending a lot of time with Chidori and Erika. I liked Chidori a lot in Ete but I think she’s even better here. She’s hilarious with the way she teases Erika and uses Yuzu to make her jealous.

Yuzu’s dream about “evil” Neri was funny too. I like the normal Neri but I could see her pulling off that evil attitude :stuck_out_tongue:

Rikka’s mustache was cute

It was nice to Neri’s amitié make a short appearance. Very accommodating of her to switch rooms like that. I agree with visiting sick friends being something kind of weird. If I’m sick I’d rather be alone and try to rest and if I’m healthy I don’t want to catch what they have :sweat_smile:

I liked the flashback scene a lot. It’s nice how they sprinkle in some information about how they became friends as children in an interesting way instead of feeling like an info dump. Having history “repeat” there was a nice touch, having Neri come rescue Yuzu again. Felt really bad for Yuzu when she clicked her heels together asking to be saved before that.
The CGs were really good as usual and the red string of fate here was a nice addition.

Chapter 2

Another very enjoyable chapter!

It’s nice to see Yuzuriha in a more neutral mood after everyone was worried about her in the previous chapter. Not that any of her internal issues have been resolved at all, of course.

Chidori can be particularly perceptive in the most unexpected of moments, and Yuzuriha seems to struggle specially when something doesn’t seem to fit the external image she’s working so hard to maintain.

Despite’s Yuzuriha relationship advice not coming out quite as fine as she hoped, I thought her mathematical way of explaining balance was particularly fun.

Welp, strike 2. As expected from our duo from Flowers 2

Despite these setbacks, Yuzuriha still manages to flirt successfully. She’s not down yet!

Life needs more sugar :honey_pot:

It was particularly fun to read this considering Mimics also showed up in the Frieren bookclub that just started last weekend. Erika and company have her fantasy knowledge on point!

I felt that all these interactions between Yuzuriha and Nerine have this bittersweet tone to them, Yuzuriha constantly swinging from joy to despair. Clearly the situation can’t go on like that forever, and Yuzuriha knows that, but she clings to the status quo with desperation.

I thought the mystery was very interesting, and as @AzusaChan mentioned, they have also evolved since the previous two games. One of the most interesting aspects, I feel, is Yuzuriha’s confrontation with Suoh when she actually figures out what is really going on.

The dynamics between the two are very unique. Yuzuriha didn’t really need to tell Suoh she had found out the truth. She could have just talked to the “victim” and also convinced Dallia not to cancel the Halloween party. I feel that just like Suoh confronted Yuzuriha in the church about the Goddess of Truth, Yuzuriha felt she needed to regain her footing in their somewhat strange relationship.

After all the more serious events, the chapter goes on to make things more relaxed during the actual party. I felt Erika’s witch costume fit her extremely well! I also love the medieval-tavern style music that plays in this scene, it is very catchy and I was finger-drumming along the whole time.

Chidori declaring that Erika is hers while completely killing the serious tone by adding うがー is just amazing :joy:

Nerine couldn’t have described better how 癒し系 it is to watch Erika & Chidori

Also, now I remember. The reason why Ringo has no moles in the confession scene is because it was part of her make up for her costume. Makes sense now!

First ending

Well I got sick and my brain couldn’t take working or reading actual Japanese, so playing Flowers was a good use of my time and I went to the first ending and beyond :slight_smile:

Didn’t write too much down, but wow, what a roller coaster.
I was excepting the confession in chapter 4 but not the rejection.
And definitely wasn’t expecting that she would date Ringo! Still feeling a bit awkward about that because of how grown up Yuruhiza looks and how childish Ringo looks. But otherwise I also get it.
I didn’t really like the mysteries and all the “I’m lying because I’m covering for someone who’s covering for someone”, to me it felt a bit like they are trying to up the level of the mysteries, by having more twists to it. Like in Été I liked it when Erika’s reveal for what had happened to the rabbits wasn’t the real reveal, she was covering for Chidori, but here it was a bit too much for me.
I did like the end with Yuruhiza reflecting on how everyone has inspired her in some ways, and how in the end Nerine realizes that her love for Yuruhiza is stronger than her faith our loyalty for her school, very touching :slight_smile: