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Start date: October 20, 2023


We will be reading at our own pace and posting in this thread whenever we want to talk about something related to this VN. We will finish by January 12, 2024 and start the second game then.

Guide for choices

I am using this guide. Warning that there can be NSFW ads if you don’t have an adblocker 誠也の部屋【FLOWERS -Le volume sur printemps- (春篇) 攻略】

Discussion Guidelines

  • Please use spoiler tags for major events in the current chapter(s) and any content in future chapters.
  • When asking for help, do your best to provide context. Pasted text, screenshots, descriptions, etc. Unlike book clubs we can’t flip to relevant pages, so we may need a little help identifying exactly what is being discussed.
  • Feel totally at ease to ask questions or give your thoughts, any time! Clubs live and die by participation, and asking whatever question you have, no matter how silly it may seem, helps others who are reading it and even the answerer themselves.
  • Have fun, and do your best to interpret anything said with as much good faith as possible :slightly_smiling_face:


  • I’m reading along
  • I have finished this part
  • I’m reading but will start later
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I’m excited to get started on this! I read this series a few years ago and it instantly became my favorite series of all time so re-reading it in Japanese should be a fun experience.

When you first start the game, I recommend going to the voice character settings and listening to each “voice check”. My listening skills aren’t great so I can’t make out everything but they talk a little bit about their name and flower language. The lines change later in the game (I think after the first ending?) and each game they’ll give some new info about themselves so good idea to check it out in all of the titles :wink:

My listening skills are awful but their flower language info is in the artbook I own, so if you’re having trouble and are interested, I’ll put that info here.


Suoh: 誕生花 | 花蘇芳. 花言葉: 裏切り、疑惑、目覚め
Mayuri 誕生花 | 百合. 花言葉: 純潔、 威厳、 軽率、 愉快
Rikka: 誕生花 | 花菱草. 花言葉: 私を拒絶しないで
Ichigo: 誕生花 | いちご. 花言葉: 尊敬と愛
Ringo: 誕生花 | りんご. 花言葉: 名声、 選ばれた恋
Nerine: 誕生花 | ネリネ. 花言葉: 幸せな思い出、 忍耐
Yuzuhira 誕生花 | ユズリハ. 花言葉: 若返り、 世代交代
Dalia: 誕生花 | ダリア. 花言葉: 移り気、 優雅、 不安定


Waw cool tip, thanks :smiley:

I have read it recently so I won’t reread it, but I will comment a bit on how I liked it, a bit later :slight_smile:
Have fun!
Looking forward to Summer :smile:


Excited to start this! I was planning on starting it earlier but then… stuff happened :upside_down_face: Still working pretty hard on とらドラ! so not sure how much time I’ll be able to devote here, but maybe the club will motivate me more :laughing:

Thanks for posting the choice guide! I didn’t quite know enough to look for a japanese one so I was going to find an english one and just hope the translations were close enough, but this works way better


For anyone using a texthook to read this, I recommend using Agent. I use using textractor and noticed it wasn’t picking up some lines (mainly the parts that are auto-advanced & the speech bubbles). If you use Agent instead, it’ll pick up all of that text. Download link: Releases · 0xDC00/agent · GitHub
If anyone needs help with setting it up let me know but it’s relatively easy. After you install it, just scroll down to the Printemps script and then attach it to the game.

The Agent script picks up on all of the characters names though so your text count might be slightly bloated for tracking purposes but shouldn’t be a big deal.

The VN is broken into chapters so I think the best way for discussion will be to put chapter thoughts behind a spoiler. If you’re posting in the middle of a chapter, maybe include your total character count or estimate “early ch1” “late ch1” etc? It’s a re-read for me so spoilers aren’t on issue on my end, but trying to think of the best way to help other people avoid spoilers in the middle of discussions. I’m open to whatever works best for everyone.

Prologue thoughts

The opening scene is feels bad for Suoh, especially when it begins with the line「私が欲したモノは決して手に入らない」.
I forgot how much of a hot mess Suoh was in the beginning :joy: She’s blushing like crazy while everyone is telling her how beautiful she is. I love the CGs in the beginning too. Mayuri looks really stunning under the sakura trees.

Chapter 1 thoughts up to 18k character count

Suoh remembering Mayuri’s name but forgetting Rikka’s was great. Hana-san?

Rikka’s reaction was perfect too, of course.

Meeting the twins was fun too, Ichigo is very energetic. I love the whole writing her name on her hand thing too.

The amitié questionnaire is interesting. Some of the stuff they ask on there feels like it shouldn’t be relevant in deciding your amitié and also just weird for a school in general to ask you. I like how Suoh went overboard and wrote a ton for the last question about the type of friend she wants.

The CG when Suoh is introduced to the library is really pretty. She’s finally found her heaven.


Can something that happens in the prologue of any story be called a spoiler? Anyway…

Prologue Spoilers(?)

Oh the nostalgia… I checked my notes and I started reading this in English back in December of 2018. I had started using WaniKani not long ago, back then.

I had heard the rumors, but dem all the fancy kanji. I love how japanese can just give a story a different vibe just by using more of them even if the words are exactly the same.
The intro is really nice, and it was fun remembering just how absurdly shy Suoh is at the start.

Have I mentioned how much I love Shimotsuki Haruka’s voice? I think she sang at least one of the theme songs for every episode of Flowers. Her soft, sweet voice with clear high-tones just feels like it fits perfectly with the overall mood of the VN. Or maybe it just feels like that to me from listening to the songs too much :sweat_smile:

My plan overall for this VN is to go directly for the main Mayuri route. Not sure if there are any Rikka fans out there - no offense to them, but I personally felt her route was the worst of the whole series, so I’m going to skip it…


I definitely agree. I was always a big Mayuri fan right from the beginning so Rikka never really did much for me. Although its more important to play all the routes in the other games because it unlocks the “extra” scenes in those ones, you can still unlock the 4komas and post-game commentary interviews if you do all the routes in this one. So I’d recommend the other people that are reading it for the first time to play every route. I’ll probably end up skipping through Rikka’s route too though.

It does give a very nice feel. It definitely helps with the “flowery” vibe I think.

Route choice, spoilers if you haven't finished Flowers Printemps

So I played without a guide and also decided pretty fast that I liked Mayuri better. So I wanted to go Rikka’s route first, to save the best for the last. And then I seemed to notice that green = Mayuri-answer so I figure that yellow must be Rikka-answer.
I played all the VN with yellow answers and didn’t get a good ending. I was so confused.
Then I found a guide, and turns out that you can only get Rikka’s ending if you have completed Mayuri’s ending :woman_facepalming:

You actually don’t miss too much if you don’t do Rikka’s ending I feel like, all the extra scenes happened when doing Mayuri’s route.

rest of Chapter 1 thoughts

I love the scene where Rikka is showing Suoh around the school and they go to the kitchen and Suoh thinks Rikka is super into the silverware but she’s actually talking about the tea :joy:

Gotta love the 林檎 jokes too

Overall a good chapter. I remember when I first read the VN in English I thought Printemps started off kind of slow since they have to go through all the character introductions etc but its not so bad now re-reading it in jp. It helps that I already know how the characters are so its kind of cute to see them like this again.

Chapter 2 thoughts

The way Suoh talks about the “王女” in the monologue to start the chapter makes it feel like its going to be something way heavier than what happens. I do like the monologues at the start of each chapter and how it helps build up the “fairy tale” theme they have for the series but sometimes I think the mood of the monologue doesn’t match the chapter.

There were a lot of good scenes in this chapter, though. I enjoyed Suoh and Mayuri being all blushy with each other when Mayuri asked Suoh to practice with her.

Suoh’s face at night when Mayuri is sneaking into her bed is great too

The CG for this scene is really nice. My favorite song in Printemps plays during it too. Overall I think the Flowers series probably has my favorite OST. So many songs when I heard them for the first time I had to stop reading and just enjoy the music for a while.

As for the scene itself, I liked the development with Mayuri. I think it helps show how kind and understanding she is. It was also cute how Suoh and Mayuri were like not on the same page at all, with Suoh thinking she was worried about the book thief and Mayuri being completely focused on passing the ballet test.

The “Now reasoning” screen and music is nice too. I love when Suoh goes all 名探偵 mode. Honestly, there’s no way I’d be able to figure out the mystery myself the way Suoh did. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone that has played Flowers and successfully “solved” this mystery themselves but its nice to see Suoh’s reasoning behind everything.

Also one weird thing I noticed is how Suoh refers to everyone by their first name during the narrative sections but uses their last name when talking to them. Not sure if there’s much significance there but it stood out while I was reading.


I started this week. First time reader.

The voices were a bit unexpected. Not what I thought would go with the character drawings. I think they might have gone with a bit more adult, less childish style of voice acting than I’m accustomed to from anime.

The console collection has a original and a four seasons mode. The main difference seems to be that four seasons plays like one single story and you don’t return to the title screen after each game/season. But there might be more differences. I went with four seasons. Not sure how that works with the routes.

The way Suoh reacts when she gets told that she is beautiful made me envision the game ending with her marrying and thinking “it’s probably a tax thing”.


I haven’t played the four seasons version but I think the only differences is the 1080p art and a couple of bad ends were added to the game. Everything else should be identical to the original game as far as I know. Here’s a guide for the four seasons version if you need it 誠也の部屋【FLOWERS 四季 PS4版 Switch版 攻略】

Excited to have you join us though, looking forward to your thoughts on the series as a first time reader!


Thanks for posting long comments and pictures (and even music!), reminds me what has happened in the story :smiley:

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Uhh. Is this one of those games where you need a guide? I hated that with steins gate. I’ve been choosing answers without any strategy.

Hmm, the choice system is definitely a lot more simple than Steins;Gates. You’d probably be fine playing without a guide for the first game, but the other 3 might be more difficult without one. Game 2 & 3 require you to do every route to unlock an “extras” section for some story stuff that is important although I don’t know if they changed that up in the four seasons version.

There are some points where you can’t get further if you don’t have the correct answer. Using a guide is faster but trial / error and reloading works too :slight_smile:

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Chapter 3 thoughts

Lots of fun scenes in this chapter. I liked their secret tea party at night and how the twins always make cannibal jokes during it

The twins joking so much that no one believed them when they said they joined the cooking club was good too. I like how flustered Suoh got when she tried to join in on the jokes but since she comes off as so innocent, everyone thought she was being serious.

Feels like Suoh is blushing nonstop this chapter :joy:

Meeting Yuzuriha and Nerine was nice. Yuzu is very eccentric but she helps lighten the mood a lot in these scenes. I’m surprised Suoh didn’t die on the spot when Yuzu licked her cheek when she was helping her with cooking.

I felt bad for Suoh when she started getting flashbacks of her step-mom during the piano scene. It was a shame that Rikka came into the room when Suoh and Mayuri were about to talk about it… Mayuri not pushing the topic when Suoh came to save her was very thoughtful though. She could see Suoh is suffering a lot of trauma still.

As for the “mystery”, does anyone know why the answer is Italy?

They end up explaining that its because Rome is the city with the most Christians so the answer is Italy. But, shouldn’t the question be worded in a different way if they’re basing it off of a single city in that country? I googled the question exactly as they presented it to see if I was misunderstanding something but all the jp google results said the answer is America :thinking:


Are you tracking how many characters there are in each Chapter? I feel like you’re going super fast, wow :smiley:

Chapter 3

Yeah I guess, I also understood the question as “where are there more people in total”, so could be rephrased better.

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I haven’t been keeping track how many characters are in each chapter individually. Whenever I read a VN, I don’t delete the character count until I’ve finished the whole thing so my character count is all of the chapters combined so far. My count after those 3 chapters is currently at 90,776 although its probably inflated a bit since Agent hooks the speakers name every time.


Finished Chapter 1. I fell like I’m falling behind, you guys are already at Chapter 3… I’m still planing on not using a guide until I reach the first end. Will probably use one for the other ends. Except for @2OC3aOdKgwSGlxfz who said they are going to go straight to a specific route, is everyone planing on reading all the routes? I’m planing on reading Rikka route first, then Mayuri. Though who knows what my choices will produce…

I feel like this VN has much more choices than any other VN I read. I suspect that most are inconsequential. But I’m wondering if I should read the spoilers here for each chapter after reading that chapter. Might spoil alternate choices.

I don’t really know anything about this VN other than that it’s one of the highest rated VN on vndb (the highest rated tagged yuri, I think), so I’m looking forward to finding out what it’s about.

Chapter 1

As for my thoughts of Chapter 1:

My main takeaway is that Suoh comes of as quite desperate and is convinced that any praise of her is just flattery/politeness. (Or am I wrong and お世辞 can be sincere as well?).

Rikka quite clearly wants to be liked by Suoh and isn’t always 100% confident. I don’t think Suoh notices this similarity between her and Rikka. She is too self concious.

Mayuri didn’t have much screen time in comparison to Rikka.


Don’t worry about the speed! I actually have read it in English a few months ago that’s why I’m already commenting on the later chapters.

That’s exactly what I wanted to do too :slight_smile: however, minor spoiler but I kind of wish someone told me, so you decide if you want to read ahead or not: you can definitely follow Rikka’s route first, but you can’t get her ending before you finish Mayuri’s route. Meaning that even with all the correct Rikka choices, the game will tell you “bad ending”. Knowing that you can still go for it, then do Mayuri’s route until the end, then get Rikka’s ending. Apart from this information that you can’t guess, it is doable to finish the game without a guide! There are also indications whenever you answer something if it’s a Rikka or Mayuri answer, I won’t say what it is, try to answer a question and see if you notice something :slight_smile: