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You finished that really fast! Glad to see you liked it

First ending stuff

Yeah the art makes it a bit deceptive since in game they’re only a year apart in age. I’ve talked to a lot of people that were initially surprised at how young the characters were due to the art.

That ending might be one of my favorites ever. I haven’t gotten there in my replay yet of course but I remember when I read it the first time in English it completely destroyed me. The credits rolling with Yuzu crying to be saved just for Neri to finally come after the credits roll was really special.

I also like how this one lets you play the true ending on the very first play through. I think it helps make the moment hit harder since the entire story is fresh in your mind instead of finally reaching there after skipping through a bunch of choices.

Chapter 4 thoughts

I liked this chapter a lot, especially the ending. Erika is really nice and supportive of Yuzu throughout this entire game and I know she didn’t mean any harm here but this line might have been the worst possible thing to say to Yuzu given all of her internal insecurities :sweat_smile:

The picnic with the twins was really cute. It was nice to see them try to cheer Yuzu up. The CG of them all just laying together is adorable.

I love the Rainbow Magic scene so much. Think I said it before but its my favorite Flowers song, its so good. Especially with Yuzu’s narration throughout it, it makes the scene really emotionally impactful and makes the rejection that follows it up hurt even more

First time I read this VN I didn’t really know what to expect here. I didn’t think Neri would accept her confession but the slap did catch me by surprise. The two CGs here do a really good job of capturing the mood.

For the mystery earlier in the chapter, I thought it was okay. They gave some good hints throughout that Dahlia knew who was behind it. Although I’m not really sure why they had to keep it a secret that Tamaki was feeding the animals. Its not like she was keeping them at the dorm and I’m not sure if there would have been much harm in people knowing she was taking care of an injured animal :thinking:
She doesn’t have a sprite in this game but the artbook/drama CDs do give her one if anyone is interested in Tamaki’s appearance.



Thanks! Haha definitely not how I was picturing her, what a hottie, in my mind she was old and a bit on the fat side for some reason :x

Chapter 3 spoilers

It’s a nice chapter with more enjoyable character development!

As usual, the perks of playing in Japanese is getting to see some of the more obscure puns that can’t really be translated to English, like 千鳥 = Chidori (plover) and 千鳥足 => tottering steps.


Love the satisfied expression on Yuzuriha’s face, which I imagine is not only from the brushing but from being able to tease poor Erika :stuck_out_tongue:

These autumn backgrounds are just gorgeous.

Suoh has grown so much these last 3 games (seasons?), but it’s nice to see some things are still the same, like being ridiculously happy just because someone wants to pair up with her :blush:

I love that they went for this picture book style for Yuzuriha’s flashback about how she met Nerine. Fits very well with the whole theme of the children stories and fairy tales that are used for the chapter titles.

Personally, I feel that Flowers 3 is the most introspective of the Flowers games. It’s really interesting to peek at Yuzuriha’s mental state and the somewhat biased way she looks at her surroundings.

Her deep affection for Nerine, her guilt about Ringo’s confession, her insecurity about liking “feminine” things, her fear of losing Nerine’s friendship, how she feels inferior to everyone that confesses to her because she cannot manage to do so herself. Her internal turmoil feels very real and very human.

Chapter 5 thoughts

The little date scenes with Yuzu and Ringo throughout the chapter were nice. I never really felt that romantic vibe between them the same way I do with Yuzu & Neri, but I still think the scenes are enjoyable. The giraffe line from Ringo is great of course.

There was one scene that I always thought was a bit odd. When Yuzu is in Erika’s room and thinking to herself if the other girls feelings for each other are just like a fleeting thing or not. It always felt weird given everything we know about the other couples after playing through Printemps & Ete so to suggest it’d just be a temporary feeling seems wrong but I guess as the reader we know a lot more about them than Yuzu does.

The mystery in this chapter is a mixed bag for me. The mystery itself was kind of meh but I love all the scenes that the situation creates. Especially when Yuzu goes into her super depression mode and starts rejecting everyone that is trying to cheer her up but then Suoh finally gets to her. The scene between Yuzu and Suoh there is definitely among my favorite in the entire series, especially when Suoh made the comparison with Neri and Mayuri. That scene and a lot of stuff that Suoh is doing in the background throughout this game really highlights just how much she has changed since the start of the series.

I also like how this game continues the trend of someone getting their room broken into. Erika’s skills are coming in clutch :stuck_out_tongue:


Funny that you mention that because I found the reserve a bit frustrating :stuck_out_tongue: she knows things about the incident where she was found bleeding and about Mayuri that she is not sharing with the reader!

Chapter 4

I love how Erika and Chodori become close friends with Yuzuriha. Both of them support Yuzu in their own way, though Erika seems to be able to peer a bit better into the inner issues that assail our main character.

They seem to feel so comfortable in her company they don’t even mind throwing jokes around and flirting between themselves when she’s around.

Ironically, even though it’s Nerine the one that actually notices all of the small abnormalities in Yuzuriha’s behavior, she seems to be the one that is unable to see the root cause of all of them. Can’t quite blame her, considering how Yuzuriha throws at her these multidimensional joke-that-deep-down-is-not-a-joke remarks at her.

It’s reassuring to hear that Ichigo also has no idea what all these advanced vocabulary like 後顧の憂い mean.

I feel the VN does an interesting job of showing how subtly awkward things are internally for Yuzuriha, like when she makes a thoughtless joke given Ringo’s situation.

It’s hilarious how Chidori’s reaction to a common idea like “I want a copy of me to deal with all this work” is thinking of a doppleganger :laughing:

I think someone is being idolized a bit too much :sweat_smile:

I love this scene where Erika, despite her immense embarrassment, does her best to encourage Yuzuriha. It gives a more definitive idea of how much she cares for her.

I also love the Nijiiro no Mahou song used here, it’s an amazing song.

Sadly, things didn’t really go 大丈夫 afterwards. I feel the rejection scene at the church is one of the most painful in the series, specially seeing how desperate Yuzuriha grows at every moment of it despite knowing too well what the result was going to be from the start.

Not sure how everyone else felt, but Ringo showing up at this moment felt more like salt to the wound than anything else. I understand that she wanted to comfort her, but this can’t really end well given Yuzuriha’s greatly weakened mental state …

Chapter 5 let’s go~

Chapter 6/True end

I love this ending so much. It is probably the best executed true end I’ve seen in all the VNs I’ve read, especially with the credit tease they do here. The very first time I read this back in English, I really wasn’t sure if Neri was going to come or not. They already showed in Printemps that they aren’t afraid to do a sad ending and all of Automne is basically Yuzu suffering so I was preparing for the worst. Yuzu’s VA does such a phenomenal job in these scenes. I felt so bad for her, with her clicking her shoes together and then it going to the credits. Then Neri coming after the credits end, talk about an emotional rollercoaster.

It was nice to see after how much Yuzu changed herself for Neri that in the end Neri was able to make the same type of sacrifices to be together with Yuzu. In all the flashbacks they show throughout the game, Neri was kind of a bad person as a kid but like Yuzu said, the way she experienced it was a lot different. Even if Neri thought she was just using Yuzu, she still spent all that time with her and saved her. I think they did a great job showing how much regret Neri had. She is definitely not the same girl as she was when she was a kid.

The scene where Neri tells Yuzu about her mom’s last wish was really sad too. Especially with Yuzu’s comment about how her mom would always have an implied extra sentence that she never said and wanted her to truly become Yuzu’s friend

They also kept the tradition of ending each game with a line about praying to god for the first time.

Excited to do the other endings and unlock the extra now :partying_face:
On a side note, Hagiwara is really accommodating throughout this VN. Multiple times she switches rooms with Yuzu on short notice without complaining or anything :stuck_out_tongue:

Other endings/Extra

I don’t have too much to say on the bad Neri ending. I did feel bad for Yuzu in it though.

I don’t think the Ringo ending was much better for Yuzu either, especially with the context of the twins ending. That ending feels like a “compromise” where both girls don’t really want to be with each but are just sticking it out. Ringo comforting Yuzu after her dream was sweet but they just never clicked romantically for me. I’d also have huge trust issues if I was Yuzu with all the switching around Ringo & Ichigo did earlier, not to mention that this isn’t the first time they pulled that trick either…

The twins ending is kind of controversial. Some people think its canon and others don’t but considering it follows all the events of the true end, it feels like a continuation of that ending just via Ringo’s PoV. I was surprised to see them go that way with the twins though. I did enjoy the Ringo NVL scenes that appeared in the earlier chapters when going through this route. Kind of wish she had more focus during the true end to explore her character more but that might have been too big for the scope of this game since this one is about Yuzu after all. I know the drama CDs expand on them (and all the other side characters) a ton but would be nice if they could adapt that stuff into a VN one day.

The extra was amazing as usual. Its always fun to read through Suoh’s PoV. I loved when they were talking about their makeup for the halloween party and Rikka desperately wanted to check a mirror to see what she looked like but Suoh wasn’t gonna let that happen.

The ending is quite the cliffhanger. I remember just being confused as heck the first time I read the series with the old burnt down church and the gravestone with Basquiat written on it. They certainly know how to get people hyped up for the next installment :stuck_out_tongue:

The 4koma were great as usual. You can click the speech bubbles on these ones for voice acting too. The one where Neri tries to get Yuzu to eat an apple was my favorite

I’m excited to read Hiver with you all at the end of next month! The Innocent Grey website has a page for a special pamphlet they gave out with physical copies at stores when the game was first released I think. There is a little short story at the top of it, I would recommend reading before playing.


Haha yes loved it too, to be honest I love Suoh too much I think, I almost read the whole VN just to get to the extra it almost seems like :x
They definitely had me for a second there, is Mayuri there?? Wouldn’t have been the first time that’s how we “find” someone, I believe you’ve completed route A in Island so you know who I’m referring to :slight_smile:
But then since Basquiat is written on it, I’m thinking it’s Basquiat’s dad, who is mentioned a few times? Though I have no idea what is the connection.

Thanks for the link to the story, will do!