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Chapter eBook % Physical
Chapter 1 0 % p. 5
Chapter 2 13 % p. 34
Chapter 3 21 % p. 57
Chapter 4 29 % p. 78
Chapter 5 37 % p. 99
Chapter 6 44 % p. 120
Chapter 7 52 % p. 143
Chapter 8 58 % p. 159
Chapter 9 64 % p. 177
Chapter 10 72 % p. 198
Chapter 11 81 % p. 224
Chapter 12 94 % p. 260
あとがき 98 % p. 272-273

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Vocab sheet

Artwork from volume 11

Full color extra, front page variation

松岡なつきのあとがき, p 272-273

Historical Figures, Events and Places

The book mentions a lot of real (as far as we know :sweat_smile:) historical figures and events. Here are some information resources on them. (Please be aware that if you want to go in 100% blind, these lists will contain some spoilers for you)

Please add Chapter, Page, if possible, when something is mentioned in the story.

Historical Figures and Groups

Participated in actions regarding the relief of Álvarez de Toledo in 1573: (Ch. 2)
カルピオ侯 Diego López de Haro y Sotomayor - Wikipedia
カスタネダ伯 https://geneall.net/en/name/445048/juan-fernandez-manrique-7th-count-of-castaneda/ ?
アスコリ大公 Antonio de Leyva? See historical errors below
アルコス公 (Commander in Malaga in 1587?) Luis Cristóbal Ponce de León - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre ?
メディナ・セリ公 (Commander in Puerto de Santa Maria in 1587?) Juan de la Cerda y Silva, 4th Duke of Medinaceli - Wikipedia
エボリ Ruy Gómez de Silva, 1st Prince of Éboli - Wikipedia

Cardinal Granbell??? (Ch. 2) (グランベル枢機卿)

The Royal Diagram

Places and Rivers

Andalusia (Ch. 8) Andalusia - Wikipedia
Aragon (Ch. 2) Aragon - Wikipedia
Aranjuez (Ch. 8) Aranjuez - Wikipedia
Ávila (Ch. 3) (アビラ) Ávila - Wikipedia
Cádiz (Ch. 2) Cádiz - Wikipedia
Castile (Ch. 2) (カスティーリァ) Crown of Castile - Wikipedia
Castile (Ch. 3) (高地カスティーリャ) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Castile_(historical_region)
Ducal Palace of Pastrana https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ducal_Palace_of_Pastrana & Spain is Culture
El Puerto de Santa Maria (Ch. 2) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/El_Puerto_de_Santa_María
Flanders (Ch. 11) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flanders
Gibraltar (Ch. 4) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gibraltar
Malaga (Ch. 2) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Málaga
Magellan strait (Ch. 1) (マガリャエス海峡) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strait_of_Magellan
University of Montpellier (Ch. 8) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/University_of_Montpellier
Naples (Ch. 4) (ナポリ) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naples
Pastrana https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pastrana,_Spain
Pyrenees (Ch. 10) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pyrenees
Rioja (Ch. 11) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/La_Rioja
Sanlúcar de Barrameda (Ch. 1) (バラマーダ・サン・ルーカル) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sanlúcar_de_Barrameda
Savoy (Ch. 10) (サヴォア商人) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Savoy
Sicily (Ch. 5) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sicily

Historical Events, Things etc

Marquess de Algecilla (Ch. 4) https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marquesado_de_Algecilla
Don Carlos (Ch. 4) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Don_Carlos
Duchess of Estremera (Ch. 4) https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ducado_de_Estremera
Duchess of Francavilla (Ch. 4) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duke_of_Francavilla
Flanders lace (Ch. 9) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flanders_lace
Islam (Ch. 3) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Islam
Jericho, Battle of Jericho, Trumpets of Jericho (Ch. 3) (エリコ) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Jericho
Le Morte d’Arthur by Thomas Malory (Ch. 11) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Le_Morte_d’Arthur
Battle of Lepanto (Ch. 4) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Lepanto
Madrigal (Ch. 4) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Madrigal
Marigold (Ch. 3) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calendula_officinalis
Don Quixote (Ch. 4) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Don_Quixote
Order of Santiago (Ch. 1) (サンティアゴ騎士) https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orden_de_Santiago (but it’s not clear whether Diego Flores de Valdés was actually a member)
Relief of Álvarez de Toledo from governing the Netherlands, 1573 (Ch. 2) Fernando Álvarez de Toledo, 3rd Duke of Alba - Wikipedia

Spanish words
Chapter Katakana Spanish English
4 ヒターノ gitano gypsy
Historical, geographical and other inaccuracies

Chapter 1:
But the person who matches this description, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antonio_de_Leyva,_Duke_of_Terranova, Prince of Ascoli, Count of Monza, died in 1536 already.

Chapter 2:
Ana de Mendoza’s name is given as アナ・デ・メンドーサ・イ・デ・ラ・セルダ, but according to Wikipedia her full name was Ana de Mendoza de la Cerda y de Silva Cifuentes, and her father was apparently called “de Mendoza y de la Cerda”.

Chapter 4:

  • There is a typo in the text. It reads 突つかれた but should say 突かれた.
  • Kaito mentions that Cervantes and Shakespeare died on the same day, but according to Wikipedia they died one day apart.
  • Princess Eboli’s son, the 2nd Duke of Pastrana, is called ルイス in the book (which I would read as Luis), but his real name is either Rodrigo (english Wikipedia) or Ruy (spanish Wikipedia). I suspect that there is a Katakana issue that led to the transformation from Ruy to Luis.

Chapter 10:
The merchants from Savoy are katakana-ized as サヴォア, but the more common version seems to be サヴォワ (see https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/サヴォワ)


I have a bit of free time right now, but I don’t know how long it will last or how much time I will have going forward, and I want to read Vol. 11 before the next book clubs take precedence again, therefore I jumped right into this volume!

Chapter 1 finished.

Kaito has recovered from his poisoning, and in order to avoid another attempt, he is now eating with the king. Seeing that all dishes are heavy and greasy and full of meat, he calls the king out on this and asks him to take better care for his nutrition :joy_cat: Kaito the teacher going strong again.

Then we encounter the real conflict Kaito is in. He is asked to provide prophecies for the high-ranking people at court, which he does in secret, watching them attend church. He is very much torn because he doesn’t want anybody to die, neither the Spanish (especially Leo and Vicente) nor the English (Geoffrey et. al.). So he starts blabbering out what is going to happen that makes Spain lose the war, knowing full well that this will probably alter history. But he cannot stop himself. Then all of a sudden he is struck because he realizes that Drake’s drum that beat when he tunneled into the 16th century was not warning of an enemy in the shape of Vicente, it was warning of an enemy in the shape of - Kaito… :flushed:


I’ve updated the Tapestry Diagram (which includes people up to Ch. 2), and I’ve added another marker for people who Kaito didn’t meet directly but who are pretty prominent in the story (e.g. maybe Vicente met them, or they are discussed in-depth in the story). Let me know what you think, and also whether I should mark other people still.


Chapter 2 finished.

OK I must admit there were so many names flying around, but I wanted to read and not do lookups! So I just ignored the people and continued to read, which did not exactly help with understanding… So if I took a wrong turn somehwere, please help me along and point out the real contents :pray:

So what do I remember?
First we get a further rundown on the history of events, especially on the Pérez case. This is really interesting, I can recommend his Wikipedia page.
Then Vicente and Kaito meet the king in the garden, and Vicente and the king discuss top secret information regarding the upcoming Armada. The king orders Vicente to participate in it under his previous teacher, and he is supposed to spy on Medina Sidonia who is to become the new commander of the Armada after Santa Cruz is dead but who is not believed to be super-capable. Of course this is top-secret information and not even Kaito is allowed to know it.
The king also orders Kaito and Vicente to go to Pastrana, firstly so that they are out of the way, and secondly so that they can entertain the imprisoned Princess Ana there.

Meanwhile Kaito enjoys the garden and takes every occasion to show his weakness… First he chokes on his spit, calling Vicente to action, then he pokes himself on a thorn so that a little drop of blood appears. And as is very much to be expected, Vicente grabs the opportunity to lick the drop from his hand :flushed:

Finally the king offers Kaito his ring, and only after Vicente’s explanation he kisses it.
Then the king hugs Kaito and kisses him on the cheeks! Kaito is flustered again :flushed:


This book is almost 100 pages longer than the last couple of volumes. :eyes: I noticed as I added the page numbers. Really long chapters in other words!

I’ve just dipped my toe in this chapter, but just wanted to again say, thank you for all your hard work @NicoleIsEnough with the royal diagram! :bowing_woman:

Chapter 1 thoughts

Glad to see Kaito hasn’t changed his demanding ways! :joy: He’s still demanding comfy clothes and more veggies/better food! XD


Okay, I still need to go back and finish up my thoughts for volume 10, but I only have one chapter to cover here vs. a whole bunch, so I thought I’d go ahead and post while my memory’s fresh.

First off, boo to no new pictures this book. :frowning: I was hoping we’d get some since the last volume had a tiny handful, but nothin’. Second, this is the longest F&B book we’ve had for a while; it’s only about 20 pages behind volume 1, totalling in the 270-ish page range (according to my physical copy), so we should be in for quite a ride.

Chapter 1

So we’ve got quite a bit going on in chapter one right off the bat. First off we start Kaito off with some new clothes, plus a flashback to him trying to eat all the gout-inducing food Philip II usually does. I have to say, Kaito’s truly getting treated like a king here, getting to eat the same food the king does. I guess it’s too much hassle for the poison tester to test two separate meals?

Back in the present, it took me a bit to orient myself as to where everyone is and what they’re doing. Raul, Kaito, and Vicente are in the king’s bedchamber, which overlooks a nearby church (the inside of one, maybe?), where communion (?) is taking place. A lot of the military bigshots are currently taking that communion/service, so Kaito’s asked to fortune-tell for the individual members without them knowing. I gotta say, there were aloooot of names here, haha. I may have just skimmed by them without looking anyone up… @NicoleIsEnough updaing that tapestry diagram is the real one. :index_pointing_at_the_viewer:

This was a surprisingly interesting chapter, since we really start to drill down into decision-making time for Kaito. The Spanish are asking him for information that would enable them to get a leg up in the upcoming hostilities, and normally you’d think it’s a no-brainer that Kaito wouldn’t comply. But…he’s been in Spain long enough that he really doesn’t want to see his Spanish friends (Vicente, Leo, and Leiva for some reason, lol. Not sure why he’s on the friends list.) die in a conflict where the vast majority of the Spanish aggressors are killed. So he starts giving useful information on who Philip II should probably kick from his invading force leader-wise, and it sounds like he might start giving other tips (i.e. don’t send men who’ve never been on a ship before to sail a ship to England) if given the chance.

This was a super interesting section: Kaito’s in terrible mental anguish over the decision, to the point of making himself sick. He’s pretty sure Geoffrey’s going to hate him for it, and I can’t help but wonder what Geoffrey’s going to think. Kaito still does intend to hand over the scale model of the new Spanish ship, so he’s more just evening things up rather than handing a victory to the Spanish, but I’m sure Geoffrey couldn’t have imagined this consequence of taking too long to rescue Kaito. Forget his physical health, he’s now on his way to befriending your country’s (current) mortal enemy.

(Speaking of Geoffrey and co. That last chapter in volume 10 must’ve been a bit of a time skip so we could catch up with our boys there, since it doesn’t seem like Kaito’s been moved from the palace yet.)

Kaito theorizes that him hearing Drake’s drum is due to him being an English traitor which, while a cool thought, I’m not sure if I buy yet. That drum is pretty historically savvy and aware, if that’s the case. And what’s the deal with those ninepins Kaito saw specifically? I can see why Kaito would jump to conclusions, but I need to see more.

And finally, the VicentexKaito ship :sailboat: progresses ever onward. Vicente feels like he’s on Nigel-level of closeness by this point, maybe, or at least close to it. Kaito’s determined not to leave him to die, and he’s talked his feelings out about he’s confused about Vicente’s enemy status a couple of times now. Whenever our upcoming showdown with Vicente/Geoffrey/Nigel comes around, it’s going to be a doozy. I almost wonder if the three will actually fight, because I don’t know if there’s a good way to keep one side (Vicente) alive without Kaito interfering and asking for mercy. Which I could see happening. :thinking:

I’m curious how Kaito’s going to try to keep Vicente alive during the Armada invasion; whether it’ll be through giving the Spanish a more even fight in general, or somehow distracting Vicente to forego the fighting in particular. The last one feels tough; Vicente would likely have to break orders to not fight, which isn’t something he would seem willing to do. Maybe G/N snatch Kaito back, and Philip II orders Vicente to reclaim him again? :thinking: All Kaito has to do is not be captured until the fight with the Armada is over…

(Ch 1 spoilers)
Dunno if you’ve reached this part yet in chapter 1, but I believe it was less he demanded the clothes than Vicente was feeling inferior due to Leiva giving Kaito gifts and had to regain his position in Kaito’s heart. :rofl:

Thank you again for the update! I need to go back and compare the notes I took in previous volumes with this volume’s diagram, since I’m now caught up. I think at a quick glance I didn’t see Leiva (or his name just wasn’t highlighted), but I’ll post here once I get a chance with anyone else who might’ve been missed.


Re Chapter 1:

I was full after I only read about all the various dishes - I guess the poor tester cannot manage more than that in a whole day :joy_cat:

I take your question mark to mean “I don’t know what this is” - my apologies if I misinterpreted!

It’s this: Eucharist - Wikipedia - the priest hands out a small piece of bread symbolizing the flesh of Jesus to each attendee in turn, thus this offers a nice way of focusing the attention on everybody one after another.

The research took me waaay longer than the actual reading :joy_cat: Looking forward to some action- or sex-focussed chapters so that the research can get a break :sweat_smile:

He’s a blonde, remember? :wink:

I read the last chapter in Vol. 10 to say that it’s the plan to move Kaito to another location, and that they would be contacted when Kaito has been moved there and when he is ready to be picked up. Did you read it as if Kaito had already been transferred? :thinking:

Isn’t that sweet? And how pleased Vicente is with every little sign of Kaito opening up :popcorn:
I seriously hope that the “rescue” that was sketched as going forward so quickly and effortlessly will take much longer, as I want to see Kaito get so used to Vicente that they at least start making out :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: This boy needs some more internal conflict in his love life :grin:

Absolutely! :popcorn: :popcorn:

I laughed so hard at this! Vicente being faced with ever more fires that need to be put out before he can get to his ultimate goal, and throwing in everything he has (especially money-wise) :flushed: :rofl:

If you look at the “inaccuracies” tab, he is in there - and I’m actually planning to only add real historical persons to the diagram… I think there was some discussion about who he might be, but having all his titles spelled out for once, I have a hard time imagining there were two people with the exact identical list of titles… So either Matsuoka-sensei took her liberties, or she just made a mistake :thinking:


You’re good! I put the question mark because I couldn’t remember if it was actually communion they were doing or something different. Thank you for the link!

So am I! They keep throwing all these names out, and all I can think is, “are you a bit character? >.>”

Hahaha, you are correct. I did forget that important fact. :rofl:

(Ch 1 spoilers)
Oh, maybe I misread then. :thinking: I thought the spy said Kaito had already been moved, but now I’m not sure. I’ll have to go back over it when I type out my thoughts for that last chapter and double-check.

(Ch 1 spoilers)

Yep, I’m hoping it won’t be 100% smooth as well. We just need that little, itty-bitty push to get Vicente into scoring range; you’re so close, my man! Kaito, you’re already resigned to Geoffrey hating you he probably won’t, don’t worry about it; let’s just go all out and really get in bed with the enemy figuratively, of course.

(Ch1 spoilers)

I giggled a little bit when Leo also got the new clothes, despite Vicente not being that well-off. Vicente’s just too sweet of a guy. :rofl: It’s been pretty great to see this side of him, as opposed to just “hey that guy keeps stalking Kaito, get rid of him”.

Dang, is he not this guy? Crap, I’ll need to go back and double-check myself…


That guy is not blonde, so it cannot be him :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But on a serious note, your guy is called Alonso while we are looking for somebody called アントニオ, which (setting all the titles and stuff aside) would be the last straw :wink:

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Ah-ha! I have you here! I went back to check at the first time we met him (thank you past eefara for mentioning it orz) (which was volume 9, chapter 7 for future reference), and his name is given as アロンソ・デ・レイバ. This thankfully means I am not crazy, though these past couple of volumes have all bled together in my brain. @.@


Oh, nice catch! :+1:
Actually now that I think about it, there would be no need to point out Leyva to Kaito (in Ch. 1) because he knows him already. Still, Matsuoka-sensei made an error here because she lets my Leyva receive the holy communion in chapter 1 (as per the quote in the “inaccuracies” section), but by that time he’s already dead for 50 years. (I hope we didn’t silently switch to a zombie story :scream:)


So I’m in a useful position to be able to comment, since I just went back over Chapter 8 in volume 10, and it’s relevant here. I’m thinking that アントニオ・デ・レイバ, mentioned in chapter 1 here, isn’t real. He’s the guy who was molesting Isabel in the church, and is confirmed to be related to blonde popstar Leiva, who I believe does exist. I don’t remember if their exact relationship was specified, which makes me think he isn’t real.


That’s probably the simplest explanation. She just used the name and titles of the much older guy and re-established him as a fictitious character. :+1:


What’s interesting to me here is whether she did this on purpose, knowing that de Leyba and de Leiva katakana-ize out to the same thing, or if it was an accident and she mixed up which family she was using as her model. I would love to know what books she based her research on.

Edit: or maybe the de Layba connection is our mistake? Do the titles match up with de Leyba’s?

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They are the same family, I believe. See:


Same spelling, even (although given as alternate spelling in the first case).

Also, I found this: Antonio de Leyva (Retrato) - Wikisource which starts with “In a village of La Rioja called Leyva, […] the celebrated Antonio de Leyva was born.”
And then, here is the village actually: Leiva, La Rioja - Wikipedia
(this is the German page who has more details, esp. that the castle is from the 15th century: Leiva (La Rioja) – Wikipedia) and both these pages list Antonio as their most prominent citizen, while Alonso already has the “de Rioja” in his name as per the wikipedia page.

Now it could be that they were from different families that both happened to live in the same village, but as they are both aristocrats, I’m pretty sure there is a connection between them. Unfortunately their wikipedia pages are not complete enough regarding ancestors and descendants to bridge the gap between them (for me at least).


Chapter 3 finished.

So I got my wishes fulfilled faster than I could hope for :star_struck: We’re back to our rescue group, and Geoffrey and Kit go sightseeing. They get to talk about Nigel, of course, and while Kit probably dreams of being whipped by Nigel :drooling_face: Geoffrey discloses that he reflected about his relationship with Nigel, and that he wants to improve it. :eyes: And of course, Kit, the poser that he is, decorates this with some nerdy jokes with biblical references.

Back in their logde, they meet the contact person (which is not Jan, as I had hoped, but some other dude) who offers to take one of them to Kaito. Of course an outburst of rivalry ensues, but in the end Kit wins because of his knowledge of Spanish :joy_cat:
While Kit goes to get ready, Geoffrey grabs the opportunity to repair the damaged friendship with Nigel. He tells him he has no right to hold him back wrt. Kaito, and that the feelings of the one cannot stop the feelings of the other. (woo-hoo! Are we slowly getting there after all? :star_struck:) Finally, Geoffrey kisses Nigel on the cheek and reflects about how he had a crush on Nigel when they were young. (yes yes yes :joy_cat: :joy_cat:)

Then, we get the revelation that the messenger is the actual real 蛇 (!) and that this dude Miguel just butted in because he wants to execute a sinister plan. And it turns out that Miguel is Raul after all! Anyways, Pablo is annoyed by Raul and offers to disclose his plot when the second half of the money is paid to him and not to Raul. Geoffrey and Nigel are checking on him a bit but finally agree.

And with that, Pablo and Kit are off to see Kaito!


Haven’t yet started chapter 2 (busy + another book club having started), but I wanted to leave another thought here before I forgot. Raul insists he doesn’t know English, but I’m like 90% he does, or at least enough to probably pick up tidbits of Vicente and Kaito’s conversations. I’m also convinced (99%) he knows that Kaito has a conversational level of Spanish (the remaining 1% is in case Raul accidentally turns out to be a moron). All of these certainties come from him being incredibly suspicious at all times.

So in light of that, I’ve been reading every conversation he’s been a part of as fraught with danger.

(Not spoiler texting this since it isn’t specific to any particular scene in chapter 1 so far; I can if you guys think I should, though.)

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That thought crossed my mind as well, especially with Chapter 2 :flushed:
And I think it’s remarkably naive of Kaito to not be aware of this although he knows that Raul is an English spy

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One other thing that’s been bothering me a bit: we went through all of this hullabaloo with the accusations of sodomy and whatnot, and here Vicente is with his hands on Kaito’s face constantly. Definitely feels like an unintentional Japan-ization/BL-ization of the setting; I don’t know that much about 16th century Spain, but I was at least under the impression that two men touching each other most of the time they’re on screen probably wasn’t typical. I just keep being afraid Kaito’s/Vicente’s going to get reported again for homosexuality. :stuck_out_tongue:



Oh wait … checks dictionary … now that’s funny, the modern German word “Sodomie” exclusively refers to sex with animals :rofl: You had me a little confused here for a sec…


Haha presumably!

Right now I’m actually wondering whether they are really in public when he does this, or whether it just feels like that because it’s public to us, but in fact there are no observers around. Or whether this is clearly in a setting of caregiver vs. protégé. But yeah, while it seems to have been pretty much accepted in ancient Japan, ancient Rome and such that a man had a young boy as his lover, opinions might have been somewhat different in Spain of the time…
I found an interesting PDF (https://users.pfw.edu/jehle/deisenbe/encyclopedia/Spain.pdf) that describes that Spain was also pretty tolerant in ancient times.

In 1497 Ferdinand and Isabella, presumably responding to the continued existence of sodomites in Spain, ordered that those found be burned, with confiscation of possessions by the crown.

The most oppressive period was the reign of Felipe II (1555–1598)

Just before his death Felipe II reaffirmed the death penalty for sodomy, and made conviction easier.

Sounds like he wouldn’t have stood a chance :cry: