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Totally agree! I feel like the author’s done a good job of making the present day parts pretty interesting, despite the short time we spend there.

You can do it! Be prepared for a bit more political talk once the history bits are done, haha. How does Scotland treat Mary in history classes and so forth?


Hmm, I think we maybe had some stuff on kings and queens of Britain in general maybe in elementary/primary school which might have briefly included stuff on Elizabeth and Mary, but it wasn’t ever a huge focus I think :thinking:. That said, there are many castles landmarks etc around here that bear some relation to her, and her story is referenced enough in other things that at least the general outline of it was known to me. I may well learn some new details from this book though hahah!


Just got to the beginning of chapter 4 and the opening of this chapter is starting to live up to the BL tag

Replies re chapter 3

I also loved this, was a bit like “hey my dude, is this really more likely than time travel???” (I guess for that time period….yes)

I also found myself quite liking Vicente, despite the strangling of Kaito. Then again, Kaito was breaking ALL of the rules of what to do if you time travel so maybe spirits trying to prevent the shattering of the timeline momentarily possessed Vicente to get Kaito to stop spilling all of the future beans (this is 100% not a real theory).

Also, what with Kazuya and now Vicente there are too many characters that have been well set up to an extent that I really want some confirmation that they will be major characters and not just disappear off screen! I am somewhat more confident that we haven’t seen the last of Vicente than I am about Kazuya,


Right? I just finished chapter 6 this weekend, and all I’ll say for now is that Jeffrey is still up to shenanigans.

Further ch3 replies

Too late, I’m head-canoning this, haha.

Yep. It may just be because we haven’t met many named/important characters yet, but I want to see more of him.

I have no idea if this should be considered a spoiler, but I’m pretty sure Vicente repeatedly appears on future book covers, so I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of him yet.

So as mentioned, I’ve finished up chapters 5 and 6 since last posting here. No major thoughts from those chapters besides these:

  • I’m glad Kaito seemingly has his backstory all worked out finally. Thankfully it’s a reasonable one as well.
  • Drake next chapter! You can’t stretch this out any more, Jeffrey!!
  • And speaking of Jeffrey, I’m still ambivalent about the guy. He’s got his good points, and he’s got his bad (see: forcing himself on Kaito). I’m not sure Kaito was in the greatest frame of mind when that all went down, too; all of this since he time-traveled has taken place in the span of less than one day, so the dude’s probably pretty exhausted. (Not excusing Jeffrey here, of course.) I think I overall still like Jeffrey, despite his flaws.

Phew, that really sounds somewhat backwards to me :joy_cat:

Re chapter 4

Haha I must confess this confused me quite a bit :joy_cat:
When I started reading, after the first few lines I was all like “OK here we go :laughing:” but when I read further, I was like “can the author really throw us into such a scene like this? Am I maybe imagining things?” Also because he is an actor, I was thinking that maybe this is the description of an erotic theatre play or something :joy_cat: so I read the opening scene about 3 times because I doubted myself so much :woman_shrugging:
(But afterwards it became pretty clear, so all sorted ^^)

Re chapter 5/6

Actually all of this since the book started, no? As Kaito and Kazuya had just found a place to stay for the night after their visit to Land’s End.

At some point during reading I reflected on that as well, but then I wondered whether he maybe stayed overnight at the doctor’s place? I don’t really recall. Or maybe he just slept there for a bit because he was unconscious from the strangling.


Ooooh, more tempting things under spoiler tags, I’ve got to catch up! :running_man::running_man::running_man: Luckily I have some long bus trips this coming week.

In related news - the reason I have long bus trips is that I’m going down to London to sit the JLPT this weekend. I have a bit of free time while I’m there the day before the JLPT and have been doing a bit of googling which has revealed that there is a free exhibition at the royal maritime museum on this era of seafaring, and there is also a full size replica of the ship that Francis Drake sailed around the world on (The Golden Hinde) that you can walk around and take an audio tour of. It might be that after an overnight bus from Scotland I end up not being in the mood for museums but I’m currently thinking that I will check them out! If I do will make sure to share any relevant pictures etc here :slight_smile:


Oh wow! Let us know whether you can get any additional information on our real-life heroes there!

Yeah, it sits right next to the Borough Market (make sure to check that one out if it’s on, they have a nice assortment of food stalls there!), I walked past it (the Golden Hinde, that is) quite a few times when I was in London for work. It is so tiny! Unbelievable that somebody would sail around the world in that nutshell…


Good luck on the JLPT!! And :scream: :scream: :scream: I’m so jealous! Definitely post pictures here of any cool stuff you see!

ch 5/6 discussion

Ah, both very good thoughts I’d forgotten about. :thinking: Quite a bit has happened for the poor guy in a short amount of time, regardless!

I also wanted to mention that being able to chat about the book is a big part of me reading through so quickly that and looking for BL. It’ll almost be a relief to finish; feels like my brain’s going to fall out after some reading sessions. @.@

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