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Chapter eBook % Physical
Chapter 1 % p. 7
Chapter 2 % p. 26
Chapter 3 % p. 42
Chapter 4 % p. 70
Chapter 5 % p. 87
Chapter 6 % p. 110
Chapter 7 % p. 131
Chapter 8 % p. 154
Chapter 9 % p. 176
Chapter 10 % p. 202
あとがき % p. 214-215

Discussion Rules

Discussing anything is fine, be it about language questions, about the contents or about real historic events! Please state clearly which chapter (or roughly which percentage) you’re referring to, and please hide spoilers. Also, don’t forget the forum etiquette, of course.

Buying the Book

If you’re planning to buy the book on Bookwalker or Amazon and if you’re outside of Japan, you will need a VPN to buy them. Afterwards, you can download it to the app without the need for a VPN. I think you cannot read it in the browser without VPN, though.

Vol. 19 on Bookwalker
Vol. 19 on Amazon

Vocab sheet

Artwork from volume 19

Full color art

Vol 19, Ch 1, p 23

more to be added…

Historical Figures, Events and Places

The book mentions a lot of real (as far as we know :sweat_smile:) historical figures and events. Here are some information resources on them. (Please be aware that if you want to go in 100% blind, these lists will contain some spoilers for you)

Please add Chapter, Page, if possible, when something is mentioned in the story.

Historical Figures and Groups
The Royal Diagram

Places and Rivers
Historical Events, Things etc
Historical, geographical and other inaccuracies
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Chapter 1 thoughts*

Sorry, @eefara I still ended up reading this volume. :sweat_smile:

spoilers below
In any case, this volume start off with some big plot develoments for Jan. They’re about to leave for Lissabon, to board a ship and then to sabotage the Spanish war efforts. But, before leaving, Jan finally receives word from his payed spy, a messenger awaiting him in an alley. There, Jan finally finds out Manuel’s location and his first steps to be freed of Raul’s clutches begins. I wonder if can get Manuel to safety before the war starts? Then he won’t have to put up with Raul’s manipulations or take part in the dangerous plan…we’ll see what happens for sure… dun dun dun

Chapter 2 thoughts

At the end of last chapter, it became clear we’re moving forward in time several months? And now the POV switches to Vincente and Alonso, who’s already in Lissabon, waiting to board their respective ships.

to be continued

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The pull is simply too strong, I see. :eyes: