Flesh & Blood Drama CD-series listening club ⛵ 🎧

it took me a while to set that up, since I had to dig up the names of minor characters on Gloria! XD I wanted it to be as complete as possible, including links to the voice cast. :slight_smile:

Anyway, now the thread is up and running, we can now start to think about how we’re going to attack these specials. I now realize I don’t have all of these, there are more than i figured.

Anyway, here’s the thread! ^>^

There are basically 2 types of specials. The bangaihen-CDzs are original stories, that takes place within the F&B story, but are unattached to the events of the main plot as such.

Then there are the Special talks/free talks, which are the voice actors chatting among themselves.

Since these differ in scope and type, we might chose different approaches for these? :thinking: The ones with mini-episodes can be talked about much in the same way as we do the main series. But, the chat-tracks are more chaotic and might be more about us working on our listening comprehension in general. There really aren’t much spoilers mentioned, but some actors appearing on some parts of these are spoilers in and of itself. (like Drake and Good Will ).

Thoughts everyone?

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