Flashcard Version of Wanikani - No typing

Hi I want a way to quickly review my burned items in a flashcard format.

The way I’ve been doing this recently is reading by level in WKstats, as you can hover to show the reading. This way I can review about 900 of my burned kanji in a couple of hours. However, I’m getting a level of associative memory and learning by position in the sequence.

I remember there being an app a long time ago but it didn’t work very well for me.


isnt it self study quiz script?

I also use anki mode script, so I just type 1 or 2 for right and wrong answer. Best script in WK IMO.

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I didn’t know the anki mode script, sounds good.
On Android, you can also use the (free) Flaming Durtles app, where you can enable Anki mode in the advanced settings I think. After finding this I basically never used web Anki reviews again. You can also do reviews offline with it and sync them later (no more session timeouts!).

More advanced: I use Flaming Durtles in an Android simulator/emulator on PC (e.g. Bluestacks), so that I don’t need to use a phone, and can still type notes with a keyboard, use copy/paste etc.

To really fine-tune it, you can also set up keyboard controls (on-screen controls, blue box above) so that you can use 1-4 to do reviews like in Anki.

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Yes sometimes I use flaming durtles on my smartphone, also anki mode.

but on pc (my main use for wk reviews) I use browser and that anki mode script, so I dont need to use a heavyweight android emulator. :grin:

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Yeah, it’s heavyweight, I didn’t know about the anki script, haha. Though I also like being able to do offline reviews, and almost everytime I do WK browser reviews my session times out because I’m inactive and I lose progress, haha.

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fun fact, you can just hide the timeout element (with css) and everything still works


wow, nice hack :smiley:


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