First level up in over 200 days 🥳

I took an uh… extended break. Had to get through a stack of 2800 reviews but it feel great to be back on track. I guess I shouldn’t use reorder and try to do final levels in 3.5 days this time around :sweat_smile:

Anyway just felt like sharing, if you’re letting your reviews stack up go do them, don’t be me because a few days turns into weeks which turns into months… looking forward to becoming a level 60 漢字達人 soon!


Just wondering, with the way the SRS system works, how is it possible to pass a level in as little as 3-4 days? Do some levels have enough kanji in the ‘first stage’ of the level to pass?

Good work on the reviews though, 2800 sounds like hell lol. Welcome back.

There are some fast levels where all the kanji are unlocked because you have most of the radicals by that point.

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Congratulations! I took a longer break (5 years ^^’’’’’’) and had to reset the account to level one, because I had forgotten most things ^^’’

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