First Burn, time to yell internally

I’ve been struggling for the last lil while because I’ve been really busy but I’m trying to keep at it and get my reviews done,

and today I got my first burn!! This is super exciting, and definitely adding a coin to the motivational piggy bank.

I was wondering if anyone else wanted to share any recent burns and/or things that happened recently that added motivation to the language learning journey! :slight_smile:



Haven’t got my first burn yet. It’s predicted to happen in June…so I’m excited to see if that will be the case!!


I’ve burned 467 items in a week. That’s pretty cool.


Insanely cool!!! Haha, God-tier, even.


I can give you the keys to the kingdom:

Have a subscription. :white_check_mark:
Be on a relatively high level, at least 25-30.
Leave your subscription running for a few months, but don’t do your reviews. (Pretty important)
Come back later to 2.2k reviews, most of which are burns. :+1:


I got my first burn on March 8! It was the stick radical. It’s always such an amazing feeling every time you burn something~

It’s all uphill from here!


Yes!! Super good feeling!

Trying to keep up with Wanikani when you have 8000 other things to do in the week is tough so a burn or two or 467, in the case of our friend above, is definitely a good time.

I tried to do the trick where you do 10-15 reviews a day but I still wasn’t able to keep up with that with my schedule… :-\ so I’m taking it easy for a little while and still doing reviews. Might start up lessons again next week??

In the meantime, I’ll enjoy today’s burns.


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