First 19 burns!

After 23 levels, I finally met again with barb, slide, gun radicals and got 'em burned. Whooooooo

(WK has made me wait 13 levels since the level up post after level 10 told that I’ll be getting my burns soon.)

Sorry, this is just some self-appreciating post :partying_face:



If you’re starting to burn items I’d recommend using one of those websites that tests your ability to remember vocab by asking you to recall the Japanese word from memory without seeing the Japanese writing.

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Do you suggest KaniWani or is there more fitting alternative?

I’ve been doing Kaniwani alongside WK, but I heard Kamesame is better since it tests all kanji and vocabs.


I tried both and I prefer Kamesame. It’s a lot more lenient with regards to same meaning kanji.


Grats! There’s plenty more where those came from :smiley:

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I use KaniWani because it’s the one I started with and I’m in too deep at this point to stop. Look around and choose whichever one you like best.

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Yay! Burns!


I disagree because [redacted]. I had used both KaniWani & KameSame, but not anymore, because [redacted]. And I’ve been using [redacted] because I enjoy more [redacted] because [redacted] and I refuse to mention what I enjoy because they don’t pay me for promoting them.


Congratulations! I will start burning in November!

I use all 3 :smiley:

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YAY! Let’s get things burning!! :partying_face:

Can’t you share what you’re using so that us fellow Japanese learners can also benefit from it? :pleading_face:

They’d already been shared on this forum a lot of times. They are Kitsun, The thing is what I enjoy may not always be the joy for others. Disclaimer: I’m not promoting them by mentioning them.

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