Finding all the particles for vocabulary and how to use them

Hey, so I really need to work on my speaking practice with the vocabulary I know/am learning, practicing the grammar, etc etc. I’m like N4 level atm. When it comes to practicing my speaking, I need to know which particles are used for the words I know. Genki I/II only has so much vocabulary and the correct particle usage.

I found out now that WaniKani has some particle usage for words, but does it have ALL the particle usages for the words? Are there any other websites that function as a “particle finder” for words so I can make sure I’m using the proper particles?


Not a website, but the Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar has pretty much all the particles. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Im not sure this would help with what he’s looking for.

To OP: typically how I go about it is just looking up the word + 例文 to see how it’s used. It helps if you can understand the sentences, but I imagine for common words there’s enough to where you can get an idea. It won’t help for some nuance things (〇〇に会う VS 〇〇と会う) but it’s a good start.

Actually how that I think about it, there WAS a website that had the frequency of particles used with words. Maybe even examples. @rodan posted a picture of it one time so maybe he’ll be able to help.


I think you’re talking about this thing? I got it from Koichi’s resource article.


Yeah that’s it. Thanks!

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Oh my god this is a god send. A bit complex to use, but I hope I get used to it. Thank you so much

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Thank you, I’ll def keep this in mind as well