Any good particle dictionaries/workbooks?

Hi there, I’ll be starting out with the Genki textbooks, returning to Japanese after having to do some mandatory french for a year and I figured I’d ask here and see if any of you guys know of any particle dictionaries/workbooks that are particularly helpful?

I recommend checking out the Dictionary of Basic/Intermediate/Advanced Japanese Grammar books. Wouldn’t use them right off the bat for learning, but they’re great for referencing anything grammar related.

This one is decent

If you’re willing to invest a bit more I’d recommend this

It contains a lot more than just particles but it details them quite well; plus all the actual grammar stuff in it is quite useful.

I recently got All about Particles and it’s been handy for me (I also have dictionary of basic grammar, and both in series The Handbook of [Japanese Adjectives and Adverbs] and [Verbs] to round out my physical references). the latter two books do have practice sections while particles and dictionary do not.


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