Finally finished my review pile of about 600 reviews

Hooo boy! I feel burned out after forcing myself to go through my review pile the last three days! I had to pause studying Japanese for the past few months to focus on college applications and stuff, but now I’m back in the game!

Finally seeing no reviews is relaxing!

On another note, I also worked on my Genki workbook! I was super productive this past weekend for once. Also, since I plan to continue with my studying streak, could any of you share how you organize your time for Japanese studying? What different things (besides WaniKani) do you focus on per week, and how do you reinforce what you learned?

Thank you for reading!


Hey, congrats on working your way down to zero! :tada:

A lot of people keep a study log where they keep track of exactly these things. Here is the master list with links to all of them:


I love that feeling as well. For I broke down my Japanese studies into daily or weekly goals or to dos. So every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday I do at least 10 lessons on WK, more if I’m on the go and less if I’m a little burned out. For Genki I try to spend 1 hr a day currently because I’m on break, and I switch between the textbook and workbook. But once school starts I’ll reduce it to about 3 - 4 times a week. So I’ll go through the Conversation + Grammar section and then proceed to the Reading and Writing in the textbook. Then I work on the workbook section for the Conversation + Grammar. This allows me to see if I remember the things I learnt in the textbook from a week ago or so then go to the Reading + Writing section. I take notes on the textbook on Evernote because it allows me to understand the content more. As for reviews whenever I get the notification on my phone I make it a habit to do it right away. Hope that helps :grin:

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9:00 am wk review +10 lessons everyday.
1:00 pm: wk review + bunpro review
3:00 pm: i do bunpro lessons(sun. And thurs) theoritically
5:00 pm listen to nihongo con teppei beginner everyday
7:00pm kamesame review and lesson
9:00 pm bunpro review + wanikani review.
This schedule is inspired by @jprspereira
I really Thank him for for his guide. It really helped me make my japanese studies more organized.


Thanks a lot! This will really help me progress more in my studies!

Thanks! I forgot about study logs! Maybe I’ll make my own!

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Thanks for your help!

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