Finally cleared my lesson and review queues! πŸŽ‰ 🎊 πŸ₯³

Earlier this year I got distracted with other things and accidentally took a 4 month break from Wanikani.

Very bad idea… I came back to over 2800 reviews and around 600 lessons that I had yet to do (from abusing the lesson reordering script). I was at level 21 at the time.

I started burning through my backlog of reviews and had a day with 1100+ reviews, one day with 666 reviews (not intentional :sweat_smile:), and many days over 400.


I was still trying to keep my pace of leveling up every 7-8 days and I noticed my lesson queue was not dropping as quickly as I would like it to, so a few weeks ago I got serious and started doing around 50 lessons a day.


During this time I tried to keep my apprentice queue around 200, since I could move each item into Guru 1 after 3.5 days.

I’m currently on a 16 day lesson streak and a 67 day review streak, and I’m 9 levels higher (level 30). And finally…

Just wanted to share this with someone who understands… It feels great to have the queues cleared again. Just in time to level up to level 31 and get a whole slew of new lessons!