Finally being able to read your favorite books in Japanese

So a few months ago I bought one of my favorite stories, the Little Prince from Antoine Saint-Exupéry, in Japanese, but I had to stop every few words because I either didn’t know the word, the Kanji or I didn’t understand the context (I’ve already read the book in German and French though). I was even a bit scared to pick it up again because I found it so difficult the first few times I tried.
Now, about half a year and 15 levels of WaniKani later, I’m able to read it without much effort and understand it easily.
It feels like such a big achievement because I’m really able to go the things that I love using Japanese and I can truly see how much I improved and how much my hard work has paid off. I was so happy when I realized.


Congrats! I’m currently reading a light novel series because it’s not officially translated in English (and the fan translation is. not good.) even though it’s definitely above my skill level right now, and it’s always nice when I realize I can actually understand part of it. I can’t wait until I can read all the way through it with little difficulty, however long that takes


What a funny coincidence! I went to the sauna on Wednesday (after a loooong 'rona break) and I wanted to take a Japanese book along, but I usually read ebooks which I’m not allowed to do at the sauna. So I had to pick one of the few Japanese paper books I own, and it was The Little Prince! :blush:
I read the first two chapters, and I really like the translation so far - it has a very enjoyable tone, and it is not difficult to understand, just like you said. I will make this my winter sauna book.


Without much effort at already level 15? I m doing something wrong…