Finally beat the first 10 levels..... in one year

It was a combination of holidays, and moving. And then the huge review queue because I didn’t use vacation mode (oops)

I didn’t do any level 25 lessons until my review queue was completely empty

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You think that’s bad? Here’s mine

I stopped using WaniKani for about a year before I ended up resetting, the stats site apparently has trouble handling resets :sweat_smile:


I haven’t gotten very far this year, either. :smiley:


FYI that little dip is when I reset my level back a couple weeks ago.


Fancy Chart?! Is that on the stats website somewhere I don’t know about?

Here you go.
It doesn’t backtrack data, it only starts on the day you set it up.

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Go you! I’m 18 months in and only on level 7…


Don’t worry! I’ve been here a few days over 2 years and I’m not moving that fast either :stuck_out_tongue: It’s great that you’re moving forward with motivation!

Life happens



Great job! This makes me feel so much better too, to see someone going the same pace as me. I’ve been feeling so discouraged because I’m only level 14 after more than a year (I’m going to reset a couple of levels too). And it feels like everyone is leveling up so fast and I’m failing. So I am so glad to see this thread!


Yeah, the API does not allow you to backtrack. In fact, I don’t even think the servers store enough historical data to generate the graphs from day 1 for all accounts, and that’s if they store this particular data at all.

I might reset to level 1 just so I can hold out a graph like that :thinking:.

@jprspereira, performance tracking overload? :joy:

It’s just populating a spreadsheet every day with a 5:00 am ping. shrug

Nah your pace is just fine I’ve been here since 2013 and I’m not even through half the levels yet (although there were only 50 levels back when I started haha).

I ended up taking a long break at level 22 because school and life got too busy, and it got to the point where I couldn’t do reviews at all because I had forgotten even most of my burnt items, so I ended up resetting to level 1 about a year and a half ago.

My biggest piece of advice: Don’t fret about not having time to go through new lessons; just focus on doing at least a few reviews each day or every few days so that you can retain what you’ve already learned.

That’s what I’m doing right now and even though I’ve been on the same level for the past few months (haven’t started going through the lessons yet - actually, still haven’t gotten through all the vocab lessons for the last level I was on), I feel good about where I’m at because I’m keeping up with reviews so although I’m not necessarily moving forwards too fast, I’m not moving backwards either and I am getting to know the items I’ve already learned better.

TLDR; Learning things slowly and knowing them well > Cramming to go fast, hitting a wall, burning out and forgetting everything
(Not to say you can’t go fast and still learn things well, but it depends on your personal situation I guess. Do whatever works best for you :slight_smile: )

Edit: Forgot to take a screenshot of my graph before resetting :frowning: but here it is for after:

I find it at least a little surprising that I’m the only one who didn’t actually start WaniKani immediately after finding out about it.
Naturally, this graph annoys me TO NO END.


No worries :stuck_out_tongue: I started 18 days after creating an acc ^^ I thought WK was an app, so I registered on the website, installed the Android app and became confused because nothing made sense and I didn’t know what to do :roll_eyes:

Oh God, please no xD


Lol don’t worry, my start (in 2014) wasn’t that great either. :sweat_smile:


I got to level 18 in one year (soon to level up to 19), and even though my progress is a lot slower than I had hoped, I still try to keep pushing forward every day. Any progress is better than no progress at all, and I’m having a real struggle to keep WK up and still keep up practicing grammar, reading and everything else…
I have questioned myself many times if I really have what it takes to learn Japanese, and my progress does damage my motivation more than I like to, but my passion for the language always give me new motivation and reminds me that I shouldn’t give up!

Good luck with your new goal! I hope we see each other on the other side (however long it may take).

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Haha holy crap, kudos to you on picking it up eventually though

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Naw, same here! When I found this site I was still hung up on Memrise for some reason.
Came back here this January with a completely different mind-set, ready to get my kanji fix. :relaxed: