Final Fantasy XV reading level

Just noticed that Final Fantasy XV has a Japanese option. For anyone who’s played it, what’s it’s reading level?

If you’re actually 04 (as in, no significant experience elsewhere), then way beyond you.

For a more in-depth answer to your actual question: WK level probably 25-35 at lowest. For any fantasy work though, I would advise very strong Katakana experience. Large amounts of English fantasy words are used Katakan-ized. *

Try looking up videos of the old Pokémon games in Japanese; if you can’t make out that, then you stand no chance.

This comes from a general knowledge of games, this one could be an exception.

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Isn’t most of the dialogue spoken in addition to being written? Just assuming. That lightens the reading burden.

Also, wouldn’t something like… Previous FF games videos be more indicative than Pokémon.

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I was offering an option that I thought would be below the reading level of the target. And that I know videos of playthroughs in Japanese are very easy to find. Your way works too though.

And I was deliberately only covering the reading level. Listening to audio is another matter. (That for all I know might be quite impossible)

if i’m very familiar with a game (ie a replay) i’ll turn the UI/subtitles to jp if available and use it as an opportunity to add more vocab to anki

I’ve played FFXV in English twice and have started tackling it in Japanese slowly. It’s pretty hard, I think. My listening skills aren’t up to par. And even though my reading skills are definitely better than my listening, the font is a bit hard for me to parse when it’s just flying by at native-speaking speed. (The font it uses is called Cinecaption btw. I dislike that I can’t read it. I’ve set all my Japanese notes on my computer in that font to get more used to it, and it helps)

Anyway, I make judicious use of the pause button and only play for brief stints. Go ahead and try it. You can change back to English whenever, or try again later.

You can also set the remastered FFXII’s voice acting to Japanese (though everything else stays in English). And the PSP version of FFIV can be set to Japanese, which would be text only, and is much easier to do at your own pace. If any other FFs can be set to Japanese, I haven’t noticed yet.

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