Filling in the missing reviews


Not being especially wizardly myself, I’m not sure if this is a programming thing for the WaniKani crew, or something that could be achieved by a 3rd party API function, but here goes.

We all fall off the wagon sometimes. If a couple months go by without diligent reviewing, we get stuck back in the doldrums of level 1, waiting days or even weeks before our next reviews roll around. What I’d like is for there to be a way to create a custom prioritized review list, starting with legit items due for review, and then filling in the rest of the queue with the oldest non-burned items (even if their reviews aren’t coming up for a while) up to a user-chosen number like 100 items. If there are more than the chosen 100 or whatever legit review items, there would be no back-fill at all.

I acknowledge a couple of issues with this idea, first that it intentionally messes with the SRS schedule, and secondly that the ‘fill er up’ reviews would have to NOT count toward their actual leveling up until their appointed time.  Still, I’d rather be doing 100 reviews a bit too early than 35 reviews and waiting for 3 days. And yes, I know things like Anki exist, but my point would be to specifically keep this in the realm of the daily Wanikani routine.

Any feedback or discussion around this idea would be really appreciated. Thanks to everyone who already works hard both on the developer and user sides, now whatcha got??


Search the forums for extensions that allow reordering of reviews. WaniKani Helper for Chrome does that, for example.


Thanks for the input, I’ve tried WaniKani Helper and checked out some of the other extensions but I don’t see any with the functionality to generate ‘fake reviews’ when there are too few real reviews due. Any other tips?