Figuring out which words to study

So I’ve been kind of out of studying for a while and have forgotten many things. I’ve decided to try to relearn through reading a basic manga which has been working somewhat well. I just realized something I’d like to do during this that would probably help a lot. Basically whenever I see a word when reading I don’t know or don’t remember very well, I’d like to put it down somewhere and later on when I finish reading I want to make SRS cards out of every one that appeared 3+ times. The important part is keeping track of the words, I can make SRS cards myself, in fact I tend to prefer it. I’d also like to add page numbers too for each instance of every word I add so I can go back and look for example sentences for making the cards.

Is there any system which can make this easier to do? I can probably just use a notepad app tbh and it could work, I was just wondering if there’s anything that would be cleaner and easier to work with.

Anki deck? Or an Excel sheet? I think if you format the excel sheet right, you might be able to import it directly into Anki. No idea about how to do that though.

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I’d recommend - made by a community member, very high quality, and has some automatic card generation stuff along with community decks, etc.

It’s got built in Jisho dictionary lookup, so you just put the word in and it creates a card. Or you can generate one from a list of words, etc.


That’s actually what I’m using! One of the more important things for me is how much more pleasing the UI is and much easier to navigate (I am still clueless about most of Anki’s functions tbh)


If you put both kanji and kana version (both, because sometimes words appear in different forms) of the word in the excel list, you can just search the document before adding a new word. Add an extra column for meaning and frequency, and you’re keeping track.


Sounds exactly like what is doing. The cards are premade but you can export them if you are a patreon supporter.


I’ve been using a website called Notion to keep track of things like this! It’s basically a free database (with a bit of a learning curve…). I started with two tables, one with words and one with sentences/lines. In your case, maybe a word table and a page table would make more sense! Then, the two tables are related to each other meaning that each word “belongs” to one or more pages. I imagine the work-flow would be like this:

  • make a new page in the page table eg. “Page 24”
  • add the words one by one to the page, making new ones if they don’t exist yet
  • at the end of a session, go to the words table and see which words have appeared three or more times. (There is a special rollup field that can count the number of pages per word, then you can apply a filter for three or more pages). If you’re curious, you can also see the list of pages the word belongs to from here.
  • there is a check-box field, so you can check off any words that you’ve already added to an SRS deck. You can also create a filter so they aren’t visible in the words table

This may or may not be faster than a simple notepad or Excel sheet, but I like the presentation! As I mentioned before, it’s not trivial to set up which is definitely a downside.


Yeah I know about that and have used it quite a bit in the past. The problem is that it won’t be super common that things I’m interested in will be on there, especially with the size of the site. I haven’t been there in a while but I’d probably have to completely reset my progress on my account at this point as not studying in like a year made me forget a lot :sweat_smile:

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Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll be sure to check it out ^-^

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There’s also a free dictionary/SRS program for windows called HouHou That lets you look up kanji and vocab, and if you want, add them to an SRS system. You can customize the SRS stages and intervals, and it even comes with a set that replicates the timings of WaniKani SRS.


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