Feature Request: Support user sentences

Sentences are often recommended by educators as a way to solidify memory. WK has sentences with each vocabulary word, but those sentences are often of little use because the WK user can’t read them because they either don’t have sufficient vocabulary, or sufficient grammar skills to do so. And so they are not used to their fullest potential.

However, that same user might have the ability to generate sentences that they can read with grammar and vocabulary they do know, which would turn sentences into something very useful.

The ability to add a User Sentence along the lines of User Synonyms, could be a be useful addition and it would be nice if it were exposed in the API distinctively from the WK authored sentences so that userscript authors could distinguish the user sentence from WK sentences.

The vocab pages already do have a place for notes. You compared it to user synonyms, which only the submitting user can see, so I assume you mean that the submitting user is the only one who would be able to see the sentences.

Is there some functionality the note area doesn’t have that you were envisioning for this?


Oh look! TIL that there’s a free form data entry field for both meanings and readings for any subject that can be used for exactly what I’m looking for. :slight_smile:

And the notes fields are exposed through the api.

If one was already using notes for another purpose, this wouldn’t exactly fit because the ultimate goal would be to substitute user generated sentences where the user has supplied one for the WK sentence in this userscript.

Given that I personally don’t use the notes field for anything else, it is sufficient.


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