Could we have a feature that allows us to add context sentences?

I see that there have been a few recent posts about the context sentences. That has helped me understand that perhaps there is some level of rationale behind their quirkiness. I just always had assumed that a bunch of guys were sitting around smoking a ton of weed and trying to come up with outrageous statements containing the vocabulary term. :smiley: They were so convoluted that in the very early levels I started ignoring them completely. Maybe now I have learned enough words that it might be worthwhile to start looking at them.

My real reason for posting, though, is to ask if we could have the ability to add our own context sentences. There are sources of context sentences that I find more helpful, and it would be nice to be able to replace or augment the provided sentences with our own choices. I’d like sentences that actually help me to understand nuances and how words that seem similar based on definition would be used differently.

I should add that I have not been using any scripts - I haven’t had the energy to overcome that technology hurdle and I actually overall would prefer to use WK straight up. Maybe I need to start considering learning how to add scripts, but honestly, just keeping up with WK and other learning apps takes up a lot of time!!

(Tangential add-on: I also would love to be able to add terms to the “Visually similar kanji” section - there are some kanji that list no visually similar kanji, and in my brain there is one or more that are very close and I get them crossed up)


If you’re coming up with your own context sentences/finding them in other sources, doesn’t that mean you already understand the vocab? :wink:

However, if you have ideas for context sentences that you think people would enjoy and find useful, you should send them an email at !

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I know it won’t necessarily solve your problem, but you could always add the example sentences to the notes :slight_smile:

Learning how to install scripts sounds more daunting than it actually is. You have a visual guide that can teach you how to install them here: Visual Guide on How To Install A Userscript

If it still feels overwhelming, let us know :slight_smile:

Also worth mentioning than both non-official apps for Wanikani (for iOS and for Android) already have the most popular scripts integrated, so you won’t have to do much besides using them :slight_smile:

Usually the staff is very open to add your suggestions to the list. Just email them at


Ha ha I get your point, but if I find a sentence elsewhere that does a nice job of clarifying how a word is used, it would be nice to be able to save it in the page for that term.

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Great point!! I should use the notes section more, and it’s a great fit for this.

A few rainy days coming up, so maybe I’ll try to overcome my fear of scripts… :fearful:

Originally I did WK mostly on iPad Safari so scripts were not an option. Now I have found that I make fewer typo errors on the laptop so have switched to that, so there are more options. I’ll check them out!!


Also, once you get there, maybe check out this script which has a more extensive, customizable list of visually similar kanji:


Looks awesome! I clicked on the poll :laughing:
I also like the looks of the ultimate timeline script that I’ve seen.

I have it written down on my list now to try installing some scripts. I put a little check box next to it, so that makes it real :smiley:

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