Feature request. Review ordering: Higher levels first

Feature request. Review ordering: Higher levels first. I was busy playing starfield for 3 months, during which time Wanikani did not get looked at at all (I did still study Japanese during that time, just not on wanikani). So I came back to 1200 cards. (I’ve got it down to about 550 now.) Every time I sit down and do session of 100 cards, I’d much rather focus on the new stuff and let the backlog take care of itself. But there is no such option.


Yu are doing it backwards compared to me. In the same situation I studied the low level first and when I hit a wall in terms of difficulty to remember I reset to that level.

I think the Reorder Omega script will let you doing it your way.

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I would like to see the same thing as OP. I use a similar setting on BunPro and it helped me dig out of a huge hole I was in.