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Welcome to Week 9 of Fatal Twelve!

We are reading Fatal Twelve as part of the Visual Novel Book Club! Fatal Twelve is a mystery VN with a death game premise and multiple endings.

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Forgive the cliffhanger. Any time before this felt wrong to stop, and there’s not a good stopping point for a long while after this.

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No choices this week!

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This week, I do have some news.

I have had some life changes recently that are making it more and more difficult for me to keep up with the schedules I’ve created for myself. I have reached a point where I can essentially barely keep up with the reading each week, let alone actually try and read ahead to schedule this out.

With that said, I was hoping somebody here might be willing to take over starting from Week 11. I have everything scheduled up to that point, and of course, I would share again the guide I’ve been following to try and schedule this with. I’ll still be around if the person who takes over has any questions or anything, but I’m just finding it really hard to stay apace, let alone get ahead at this point. :disappointed:


Some interesting dynamics being set up this week. We were kind of overdue for Miharu to do something, I think, and the double crossing between the various villain characters should be fun to watch play out. And it looks like Rinka has finally figured out that she can fix things by nominating You.

I’m afraid I can’t help with running the club – because I’m reading on PS4 I don’t have access to character counts.


Sadly I can’t take over this time either, as I don’t trust I won’t have weeks of falling behind again for a while. 9-nine- was very easy to plan but it required reading without fail every week and I don’t think I can commit to scheduling again right now without risking major burnout, going through a bit of a rough patch.

In case nobody takes over, although unideal there’s always the nuclear option of one discussion thread, but those may get super messy to manage or interact with, not sure. But, yeah… nuclear option.

Still reading this btw but I’m a few weeks behind, hence why I haven’t been posting. I plan to catch up relatively soon.


We could also perhaps switch to having our threads broken up by the in-game calendar, rather than character count. That’s likely to result in unevenly sized threads, but it might be better than single-thread?


I don’t know the character count exactly, but I thought someone counted in advance.

I could takeover. I can’t go much faster than 24k character per week either. There is already enough pressure with the pace and stress in the difficulty at this stage.

I prefer to keep the pace steady if possible.


If you could, that would really be much appreciated. I still have one more week pre-scheduled, but then the following week would be where you might need to take over.

Would you like a new link of the play guide I’ve been using?


This one?


This would work super good if it were a linear story, but I’m concerned about hitting bad ends and going back to choices, it might make things difficult then; meaning for example week 3 with this set of choices is not the same as week 3 with that set of choices. :thinking:

It’s the going back to previous events that makes this club especially challenging sometimes, unfortunately. This is why we mostly opted for pure character counts, in case there is no other helpful division like Zero Escape had for example with a flowchart with unlockable squares.


Yeah, essentially, and I was basing that on this guide: (Warning, sometimes NSFW ads if you don’t have a blocker)



The new guy is kind of wild. Everyone in this game has a weird laugh but his might be the worst so far. The all caps “HAHAHA” was a moment when I first saw it :joy:

Besides that, I don’t really trust him. He is doing all this backstabbing and working with Federico and Odette makes his moral talk seem very phony.

I was glad to see Rinka pull herself together near the end of this weeks reading. Seems like she might actually go on the offensive now and nominate Yuu soon.

Regarding the club itself, I can’t help out at this time but if the pacing ends up being too much for polv to run it, I wouldn’t mind having the rest of the game be in one thread if it came to that like rikai said. There are dates in-game that we could use to indicate what part of the game we are talking about and can just say “route one 06/15” “route two 06/15” etc so people don’t inadvertently get spoiled.


Actually I don’t mind un-paced or story-paced (variable-paced), when the time comes. Then I can go full speed regardless of the pace. (Not that I would be as fast as many others.) The avoidance is also that I play full screen, and does not sync to my ultra large screen PC.


Sorry, no way I can handle it. I’m already getting sketchy about reading in general, finally starting on this week today. Health problems are ramping up the stress and I’ve barely done Japanese things for a bit. Whatever you all settle on will be fine I’m sure though, and this stuff happens, so no worries at all. Thanks for your work this far.


Week 10 is now live!


Maybe the club pacing is already settled, but I wonder if the simpler way if we needed to abandon character counts is some division based on each 選定. But the choices definitely complicate it cause I haven’t looked at all into how the structure works. Now that I’m getting back to Japanese and catching up I almost want to help but I really shouldn’t – still need to get started on the current week and I’m managing the film club plus my twitter thread translations every day and a half, on top of life things.


Very much a coming of age story, eh? The stuff RInka needs to learn is a little played out in media but she’s mostly grown on me so it’s ok. Have to admit Miharu sort of interests me more, and I am curious what’ll happen on her side. I agree that the guy talking about justice every 2 lines is overdoing it. It feels like we’ve totally stepped outside the predictable pattern the story was establishing and we’re pretty much down to only the characters who have a more interesting web of relationships with each other, so I’m feeling hopeful for everything from here on.

  • “Milk Crown Bar” is an interesting name for a bar. :joy:

  • The ‘justice’ talk from Scale is really quite a lot… especially given the people he’s hanging out with and the amount of backstabbing and lying he’s already done. While it did end up being a lie, his pitch to Mahiru is pretty persuasive, since it’s basically “Come on, you, me and Rinka are the only remaining participants who aren’t into murder…” :sweat_smile:

  • I really like both Mao and Miharu. :slight_smile: Glad we’re getting more with Miharu being proactive. And I loved her “I have something else you’re going to need to drink”. :sunglasses: So smooth.

  • Miharu’s coworkers, I guess, think she’s fluent in English now. :joy: Also, she probably could’ve gotten away with not doing that ‘magic spell’ thing 'cause her coworkers aren’t going to understand what the customers are saying anyway. :woman_shrugging: (though I guess Scale could’ve appealed to the manager or something…)

  • Miharu doesn’t want to order espresso at the bar because she wants her next coffee to be made by Rinka. :cry:

  • I liked the different pacing of this section - we get mostly Miharu’s PoV with occasional short check-ins on how RInka’s doing. (i.e. poorly) It does a good job at letting us really see how Naomi’s death is affecting Rinka, but without dwelling on it or making us play as Rinka for most of it, since not much is happening.

  • It’s interesting that all the non-Japanese people seem to pronounce 日本 as にっぽん。I wonder why that is… especially since it’s all just the card book interpreting for them.

  • Since I don’t like Scale so far, I was annoyed at one point when it felt like he was thinking like me (i.e. overthinking the rules of this game). :joy: When he’s talking about his journalist connections looking into Yuu, he says something like “If Yuu gets eliminated and his actions of the last few weeks get undone, what will those journalists be researching instead?”