Fat Radical

I learned the radical for fat a few days ago in level 46, but I just noticed that the only new kanji that I was going to learn after Guru-ing the radicals of this level was a kanji that uses the favor radical and nothing else. Why am I learning the fat radical this level, when the only kanji for that radical are in level 50 and 59? It’s not as if there so much radicals that they need to be divided among all levels to lower the workload, right? Is there a specific didactic reason for doing this, or is it just random?


It’s pretty common though, isn’t it?
Level 16 bearly has any Radicals (only 5) but you learn “Spicy” on level 9, using it for the first time on level 16. There’s plenty more. Some of them are used in other Radicals so they don’t show as “Found In…”, but most of them aren’t.


Ah, I must have missed that then

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