Extra practice resource suggestions, please

I started みんなの日本語 twenty four days ago and I’m on chapter seven. I answer all the review questions at the end of the chapter, but I still feel that I could use more practice. Is there a good resource that would somewhat parallel the text for extra practice? Thank you :slight_smile:


Bunpro is a grammar SRS which would probably be helpful if you’re looking for extra revision. They have both a “path” and “deck” for みんなの日本語、which will let you learn items in the same order as the the textbook.


Are you wanting to stay in the MNN system? Because they have several workbooks that go along with each textbook.

There is a typical workbook, Hyojun Mondaishu (標準問題集)

There is also one for practicing the sentence patterns, Bunkei Renshucho (文型練習帳)

There are a few more workbooks dealing with kanji, listening practice, and reading practice.

@fallynleaf has written about this series in an incredibly detailed post:


Thank you so much :smiling_face: That’s exactly what I wanted. I started with the Genki books, but I like みんなの日本語 so much better for the grammar explanations.

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