Extensive listening challenge 👂 (2022)

Been neglecting listening/watching lately, so not much progress. I’m hoping to focus more attention on that in 2023.

I watched Blue Period, Komi S2 and Cowboy Bebop. As well as the Cowboy Bebop movie. Was surprised how well I did with bebop considering there were no subs involved. I liked blue period the most. Also watched Old Enough! and the way of the househusband live action, these were short episodes and very good.


Thanks everyone! Per the poll, I made a new thread here! And did not include a wiki post for tracking stuff. :open_mouth:
Feel free to migrate over there in the new year if you got anything out of this thread, or if you didn’t!

And happy new year / congratulations on any and all progress! I know I feel like my listening comprehension got a lot more like, “casually pretty good,” if that makes sense, this year. Probably from all the movies and wrestling and whatnot! :smile: