Explore & learn the prefectures of Japan

Hey all,

I’ve made a new website that is focused on testing and expanding your knowledge on Japanese prefectures.

You can use an interactive map to click on prefectures and read a structured summary of the most interesting facts.

You can play different quizzes, for example you’re given a prefecture name and you have to click on the correct prefecture on the map.

I had a lot of fun having to learn about all the prefectures while building it, and I hope you find it useful too! If you have any suggestions, let me know.


Well, I came here to boast about how I still got it, and scored a perfect score… then I got over-confident and didn’t pay attention to where I was clicking. Twice.


quiz results

Can’t believe I managed to successfully guess all of Shikoku, only to then land in Kanagawa when I was aiming for Tokyo. Tokyo’s the easiest one!


This is a neat tool! Thank you for making it and for sharing!

I’m going to try using this to look up the prefecture every time I watch a pro wrestling show that’s happening somewhere outside of Tokyo. I’m familiar with a lot of the names and some of the local characteristics, but have a basically nonexistent sense of where most of them are actually located. This site seems really helpful for learning!

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This is super cool! Thank you so much for making it.

I’ve been learning to read all the prefecture and region names recently, so I’d love to incorporate this tool into that study.

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Overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer.

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Found a bug on the flag quiz. When you hover over a wrong answer, and it highlights both the wrong answer and the right answer on the map, the wrong answer stays highlighted after you move your mouse off. If you hover over wrong prefecture on the map, the highlight clears.

Another observation is that by giving the flag of both the wrong answer and the right answer, it spoils a later question. Maybe it should only show the correct answer’s flag.

This should be fixed now.

Done! It will only display the right answer once the quiz is finished.

The updated version also includes an “Undo” button, which can be useful if you miss click :wink:


I just finished learning the prefectures on the map and their flags on Anki! Thank you for this!!!

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I’ve hired a professional voice actor to read the names of the prefectures while you’re quizzing! The lines were computer generated before.

I think it sounds way better with a real native pronunciation now. Let me know if you like the update!


Hey I stumbled on this and it seems like a really cool resource! Unfortunately it seems like the website is down. Are you no longer supporting it?

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Hiya! I’m still working on it; it’s currently available here! There’s more stuff under the Geography tab, like for example the Anki Deck that I made with all of the content available so far.

There’s way more stuff on the main website so feel free to check it out!

I’d like to also work on content about the regions and major cities - I think that could be useful too. I’ll let you know when I finish that.

Sorry for forgetting to communicate the URL change - that’s totally my bad.


Oh man I wish you hadn’t just replied because now I’m going to be up learning my prefectures instead of getting some much needed sleep…

Looks really cool so far! I’ve been looking for something like this for a little while now. I’ll let you know how it goes!