Excited about learning grammar

Just a random post.

I’ve been plodding through Bunpro for some time. I’m trying to push to finish the N3 points soonish as I’m sitting the JLPT in December. Only < 30 to go.

Anyway, I’ve realised as I look at the recent and remaining points that most of them are suffixes or similar. Some of them I know already. But some of them I had no idea about, and I’ve realised I’ve probably been missing nuances while reading for a while. Things like かけ、たて、ぎみ、っけ. Some of them may not be common but I feel I’ll have a much better understanding once I’ve gone through them.

So, I’m excited about learning grammar!


Grammar is like leg day, don’t skip it. Granted grammar will be easier when knowing kanji.



I would love to hear about how your test goes. Best of luck!

I’ve been going slooooooowly on purpose with Bunpro. I’ve been using it for almost two years and I’m still about halfway through N3 myself. Those “even if” and “although” and “considerably” forms really bleed together. I try to look up as much as I can in the Dictionary of Basic/Intermediate/Advanced Japanese Grammar and 日本語文型辞典 while I’m studying. I know way too much can go wrong if I’m careless with grammar.

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