Everyone’s favorite word

Hey everybody! This is my first post, and chances are it’s gonna be kind of short. Anyways, as it says on the title, I would like to know what everybody’s favorite Japanese word is!
I’ve seen a few posts before asking people what their favorite Kanji was, and I thought I would give this a shot! Anyways, I guess that’s it! Haha

Edit: Alright everyone! Thanks for the replies! That was great! :smiley: So, I really wasn’t thinking I would get this much of a response to this post. And at this point it would be way to tough to respond to all of them. SOOOOOOOO…Thank you so much everybody, for all the great responses and stuff. A lot of these words sound beautiful! And I really appreciate it! Anyways, I would say my favorite word is 櫻 Both ways or writing it are fine, but I like the old one best! Anyway I have to go! See ya!


ふわふわ、 ピカピカ、ワクワク

All those kind of adjectives are superb (and way too hard to remember) :grin:

Hard to make out a favorite tho :thinking:

What’s yours?


I really like the word 猫舌(ねこじた) because the kanji mean cat tongue, but the meaning of the word is when you cant eat or drink hot food or drinks or dislike these things. I love it because there is no English word equivalent and its just funny when I think of cat tongue. Also, I am completely a 猫舌 and I feel like its so annoying to explain in English, but its so simple in Japanese!



“Hoshi” has become my favorite Kanji/Word. I’m not really sure why but I was one of the first words I learned completely on my own.



It’s fun to say, and sounds like the English “word” okee-dokee.


I like the word かな〜 as in I wonder… it just sounds so nice at the end of a sentence lol.


Mine is 木漏れ日, which means sunlight filtering through trees!
I learned this word through tumblr a few years back when I wasn’t even studying Japanese yet, and even to this day, it still makes me immediately imagine a nice scenery of looking up while walking through a forest.
Or even you’re just in the car and you take a peek up at the trees.
Ahh~ such a nice feeling.


I dunno, I just like the whole concept of onomatopoeia and it works so well in 日本語.

I think 花火(はなび〉is a pretty word; to think of fireworks as “fire flowers” feels quite appropriate and poetic! ^^


And it’s a brain-bending cooperative card game!


I’m fond of 白鳥 which means “swan” but is composed of “white” + “bird”.
Because 1) Swans are not the only white birds
2) We’ve discovered since that there are also black swans.

I like it when words reflect the knowledge or beliefs of an era.


My thought when I learned it that the word was very “flowery,” and a bit esoteric. One of my favorite words.

My favourite word is 青くなかった. I can’t for the life of me figure out why, but I just like the way it sounds.

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Probably ちょっと because it was such a meme in my Japanese class when we went over Genki.

But my favorite ?phrase? is definitely だよね because it’s just so much fun to say.
Also because this amazing song exists:

If you’ve never seen this, check it out. At least watch 2:15-2:30 if you don’t want to watch the whole thing :smiley:


Right now, I’m a big fan of 忍び足– it means “creeping around” like in the literal sense, like verb of motion for cartoon characters sneaking about on their tippy toes, but the literal combo that makes it is 忍び (shinobi)+足(ashi), literally “ninjafeet”


I always liked the way 恥ずかしがり屋 sounds.
Also big on 臨機応変

I like お尻 :stuck_out_tongue:

And though it’s not a favorite word, I like how 自販機 sounds, or things like だんだん or どんどん.
I guess 野郎 could be a fave of mine but I don’t say it to anyone or anything haha, I just like how it rolls off your tongue. Add some shounen protagonist voice to that and voilà.

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My favorite word is 浣腸 (kanchou = enema). Especially because I learned that elementary school students will poke each other right up the buttcrack and yell “浣腸!”


外来語 (gairaigo).
I love the sound of the word.

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