"Enter" Key needs to be pressed multiple time during reviews

Hi everyone,

Apologies if this issue has already been brought up, I could not find it in the forum.

While reviewing items, randomly pressing the enter key would not produce any effect unless I press it for 3 or 4 times in a row.

There is no a clear pattern, it happens on random items. I tested it on Chrome (also incognito) and Safari and both browsers show the same issue.

Does anyone experience the same and/or know if there is a fix?

Thank you!

Cursor in Text Box After Correct Answer ?


Using any scripts?

Thanks for the reply.

Seems like it happens even when the cursor is not in the text box :confused:

Happening both with and without scripts :frowning:

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Neve mind, that might have been the issue as now seems like the cursor is not appearing and everything is going smoothly :slight_smile:

Hey mauroatha! It seems like your issue has been resolved. I’ll mark your last reply as the solution, but let us know if this issue occurs again, or any other for that matter!

-Nick at WK

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