Enlightened to Burn limbo

I have the bad feeling that my Enlightened to Burn rate is pretty low compared to the previous SRS steps… :disappointed_relieved: So that I have a lot of items doing multiple way-back cycles (Enlightened → Guru → … → Enlightened → Guru…)

Am I the only one ? How do you improve that “last step” ratio ? In-between practice ?

What scares also me is that by burning items (output) at a far lower pace than doing new lessons (inputs), my fear is to face a big wall at some point.

“Seeing” stuff in the wild while reading, listening to podcasts or watching movies and so on.

I personally do not worry much about items I haven’t developed a strong connection with so far. If I haven’t encountered them while immersing it feels natural to me that I may forget about them. I’m positive though that they will stick eventually or I will go through material which requires me to actually make use of those items.

I think the weekly forecast can help with this. You can slow down on lessons once you see a lot of reviews are scheduled for the upcoming day(s). I sometimes don’t do any lessons a day, if the scheduled reviews feel enough to me. But still do my reviews daily and don’t feel overwhelmed :slight_smile:


I found that burn rate inevitably goes down as you hit the fast levels. You start seeing more kanji that are only one component difference from previous ones, and that causes you to miss more burns.

I haven’t had an issue with it so far. Even at a low burn rate, items you burn never come around again so you’re still clearing out the queue.


This is my attitude as well to items. Some items you simply forget. That’s just natural. They needed some more reviewing and a second chance at burning.

But, otherwise I think immersion is the only way forward. Make use of what you’ve learned so far. It doesn’t have to be anime or manga. Just something you feel enjoyment from.

When you get that “I got it” feeling from reading a news article, you can finally get that special sense of accomplishment and it’s suddenly all worth it. ^>^

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I think one important thing to realize here is that the SRS isn’t punishing you by making you fail and moving the item to a lower level, it is just recognizing that you haven’t fully internalized that item yet and giving you another chance to learn it.

The Enlightened → Burn review interval is the longest in the system and it’s not surprising that it can be tough to recall items you haven’t seen in three months or so. I wouldn’t worry too much about having a lower success rate for that step than for earlier ones.


Aye, especially when you can get 復, 腹, and 複 in the same session depending on your accuracy. :joy:

Doesn’t help that the reading is ふく for all of them either.

Thanks for your replies and advices !

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