A level beyond burned?

What does everyone think about the idea of there being one more stage after burning an item? I was thinking recently about how once an item is burned, you’ll eventually forget it if you don’t use it. And yes, I know you can resurrect burned items, but what if there was one more level above burned to be the ultimate test of whether or not you truly know the item. Maybe we could call the level “Incinerated” because after something completely incinerated, it’s gone (well, except for ashes, I guess). Maybe it could come back in 6 months or maybe a year after you burn it?

What do you all think? I don’t seriously think this needs to be added to Wanikani, but maybe it could help?


Personally I can’t take any more SRS. I’d rather just learn stuff as I’m reading at this point.


I’d call it “crispy”


I feel like adding the flexibility to choose to which SRS level to demote an item (once it’s burned) would be smarter (think Master instead of Apprentice). I might forget things, but it’s not like they’re completely gone from my head.


I agree with jprspereira; it’s shocking to me that resurrecting an item brings it back to Apprentice??? Not, say, just Enlightened or at least Guru maybe?

Really I would just prefer if burned wasn’t a thing, and the increments would just continue forever like on every other SRS.


Yeah, but I think that’ll make the learner heavily dependent on SRS. If after 6 months you don’t know the word, it’s because you’re not seeing it frequently enough through exposure in order to memorize it. What do you do? You try getting more exposure and relearn the term through SRS (not wait 1 year for it) :slight_smile: My 2円 though. As someone learning 50 words a day, I see this being the most efficient method.


Unfortunately this is still a low priority for them. Maybe they’ll add it to the API at least and let scripters build this functionality at least…


Koichi did tell on the overhaul that allowing items to be resetted to lessons could be a thing (and that he’d discuss with the team), so it’s not like it’s not something being considered :grin: but yeah.


The idea for this came from the fact that on Anki it just keeps going. You probably know, but the intervals can go up to several years before you have to see a review again. So if Wanikani had that, I wonder what would happen?

I just add my burned items to Anki

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It’d be fine and I’d like it better probably. It’s not a big deal, but I appreciate it and it requires less micromanagement than unburning or adding to another program or whatever. One might thing this would be another massive increase in workload - like it is when enlightened and then burn reviews come along for the first times. But, as long as you eventually finish adding new items, it ends up fine I think. I have a deck of 3000 words I still irregularly keep up with, and while it was spitting 150 reviews or so a day when I was actually learning new cards, a couplemonths after finishing it’s more like 30. So I think it’s fine and preferable.

But I’m not mad about it or anything. And it does feel really good to “burn” one of those cards that you know but always struggle with the keyword for and know you’ll never have to remember any damn keywords again :wink:

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Funny I was thinking about that last week or something and almost made a post about it but I’m only level 7 so what do I know about burned items right =D

You know how in certain games like Splatoon or Call of duty (I think it still the case) once you reach max lvl you go back to level 1 with 1 star next to your nickname. Same principle could be fun.
Like Wanikani HardMode with reviews coming completely randomly and other stuff you can imagine :slight_smile:


Clever and simple. Thanks for the idea.

Call it phoenix, obvi.

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