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I currently have a leech that is in the category of Enlightened. My problem is with the vocabulary of 激 (fierce). I failed the reading many times before I decided to change the mnemonic for myself, which helped tremendously. In the app however, the word still displays it with only a 57% clearance rate, and the leech breakdown script still shows it in my results. I really don’t want an eternal leech to be in my burned items. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this? Maybe I should fail it on purpose and succeed twice continuously? Should I redo the item? Or should I just leave it and be tormented forever?
What would you do?



I don’t have any particular insights, but I had to come over to commiserate on 激 being a leech. D:<

I’ll hope for the both of us that posting about how we dislike it will help us remember it better. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If having that 1 displayed by your burned items would irk you so, combined with it being a leech, I don’t see much harm in failing it and getting the percentage up on the way back to burn. It’s just one extra item to review a few times.


How does the script calculate leeches? I don’t use the script so can’t be much help, but I would probably burn it to see what happens, and then if it shows as a ‘burned leech’ I’d resurrect it to get the correct answers. That way you don’t do extra work if it’s not necessary and it’s a cleaner way of clearing its leech status.


The script should not show leeches in the burn column, so I wouldn’t worry about it.


Oh! In that case I’ll just ignore it. Seems a bit silly anyway to ruin an item that I know quite well by now.

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