English-letter-only vocab list

That is, no Kanji, no Katakana, no Hiragana.

I thought I can’t find a list, but on searching for 和製英語, I found this.

I’ve just found OB, btw. I saw LDK and YDK some time ago. (It seems that YDK isn’t even in this list.)

I can’t be sure, but Chinese might have something like this as well (like 3Q).


Only thing I can find about YDK is this:


Yeah, I was wondering if it was some new variation of the K, DK, LDK family I didn’t know, lol


It does, but I can’t really think of examples right now. There’s KY, but that’s borrowed from Japanese… Oh wait, yeah, there’s TM or TMD for 他妈(的), which is a light swear word that literally means 'his mum(‘s)’. I guess it’s kinda obvious why it’s impolite, but you get the idea. (How to learn these things? Spend time on the Chinese internet, and reading Chinese manga.)


Interesting, how are these pronounced as a rule? The article says as initialisms, but how close is the Japanese pronunciation of Latin letters likely to be to how native English speakers would read them?

I’m pretty they are said using the Japanese pronunciation. For example, OL would be オーエル.


Yeah, I think it’s basically always going to be the Japanese versions of the names we have for the letters in English. That’s how I’ve heard them said so far.

There’s a group using the name at least:

But couldn’t find anything on an actual listing.


It stands for “Your Dirty Knickers”

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DQN not on that list?

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Yeah I found a few other places with the same thing but they mostly seemed to be backronyms with each post giving different versions so I didn’t know how widely used any of them were.

The やればできる子 version seems to be the main one.


Actually, I indeed wanted to see actual useful ones (to be heard from, and interpret them correctly), rather than slang and less useful ones. (Still, YDK seems to be good to know.)

OL, OB, CM, SNS may be some of others, perhaps.

I think I saw NG somewhere as well. Maybe LINE stickers? It seems to be used in Japan as well.


Oh, that feels like one too, yeah. I think a lot of these are imported from Japan though. NG is almost definitely ‘no go’ or ‘no good’. I haven’t been on the Chinese internet in a really long time though (the manga I was following was updating too slowly, so I stopped being active), so I don’t really remember the rest.

I got these interesting ones from ImmersionKit’s data.


Of particular interest would probably be CM,NG,OL,SNS,JK,BGM,OB,PV,GJ,UMA,DV,NPO,OG,ROMる,wktk perhaps.

Most of these are English, but used in Japanese culture.

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