Common words/adj/adv/exp/particles that don't have any kanji?

Does anyone have a list of common terms that are only written in kana? Or know where I can find something like that?
E.g. かも, べき, とすれば, とっとと, ずっと, etc.
I think these are usually particles, adjectives, adverbs, and expressions. I want to study them in a deck but unless someone already has a list I’m going to have to searching through a ton of JLPT terms to find these. Just thought I’d throw this out there to see if I could save myself some time.
Thank you

Jisho has an annotation “Usually kana”, which you can search for with the search term #uk . Additionally, you can search for words by JLPT level if you like. So you can e.g. find all “usually kana” JLPT N5 words with this search term:

Just be a bit careful please, as the “Usually kana” notation is annotated on a meaning-by-meaning basis, so there are words where one meaning is written in kanji and another one in kana.
Hope this helps a bit!


Some of those, like べき, do have kanji (it would be 可き), but yeah, they usually aren’t written like that nowadays. You’d probably have to go back to pre-World War II literature to see some of them.


That helped a lot actually, thank you!! I never knew they had that filter.

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I did not know that particular filter either :joy_cat: I just knew they had lots of filters, and so I wondered whether one would be able to filter by the “Usually kana” annotation.
I came across this list of annotations in JMDict (which is the database that Jisho draws its data from) and the rest is history…

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